Chatuchak Market Of Thailand

Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market is a must-see. There is nothing like experiencing a market place spread across 35 acres of land with over 15,000 stall selling everything from Buddha statues to exotic pets and T-shirts.

Chatuchak Market is located right next to Chatuchak Park, which is at the northern end of Bangkok. The market is only open at the weekends and you should make sure you get there early, around 9.30 a.m. or 10 a.m. at the latest. You will find out that by noon the market is buzzing with people and you will get jostled quite a bit by the crowd. Make sure you keep a sharp eye on your wallet or purse otherwise you could end up losing it to the pickpockets in the marketplace.

An easy way to get to Chatuchak Market is taking the Skytrain and you have to get off on the last stop on the Sukkhumvit line which is going north. The stop is Mo Chit and you will clearly see the numerous stall as the Skytrain pulls into the station. From the Skytrain station, the market is a 5-minute walk. Alternatively, you can take the subway and get off at Kampangphet. The entrance of this MRT subway station is right in the middle of the market.

Make sure you carry a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. As you can get any and everything in Chatuchak Market, buy your gifts there as you will be able to pick up things for half the price of a conventional “touristy” shop. You will get the best bargains at Chatuchak Market for Thai silks, handicrafts, wooden carvings, jewelry and gems.


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