Chef Chung cooks at Cuisine Delicacies, Hong Kong

Head Chef Jacky Chung cooks at Cuisine Cuisine inside the IFC Mall in Hong Kong. Read through and see much more at – only about the best dining places in the world!


38 thoughts on “Chef Chung cooks at Cuisine Delicacies, Hong Kong”

  1. There are eight major cuisines in Chinese food, and there are small cuisines. Some people think that Chinese food is very greasy. Actually it is not in some restaurants. We also feel greasy, but the dishes we make in our own homes are not greasy. Some types of cuisine are light, slightly sweet and some are salty. We must have rice and steamed bread when we eat, because the vegetables are salty, and those greasy foods usually appear in markets and tourist attractions. The characteristics are different, for example, the northern vegetable is too oily because the weather in the north is dry and cold in winter! The south part of the south likes to eat spicy because of the dampness, and the southernmost dish is light. Thank you, I hope you will come to China to play, Chinese people like peace, you will love it.

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