Chez Dumonet: Sincere French Food stuff in a Common Paris Bistro

In the historic Paris community of Montparnasse, there is a cozy restaurant named Chez Dumonet. A renowned place among fans of basic cuisine, folks of all ages address by themselves to the food masterfully assembled by Chef Jean-Christian Dumonet. See for your self why patrons typically literally “kiss the cook” with delight.

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Chez Dumonet: Sincere French Food stuff in a Common Paris Bistro


24 thoughts on “Chez Dumonet: Sincere French Food stuff in a Common Paris Bistro”

  1. J'ai trouvé un très bon site, une boucherie halal en ligne, qui livre partout en France halal-boucherie. C'est franchement pas mal

  2. Could you get people more obnoxious than the ones in this video??? The chef and his food looks amazing; don't get me wrong, but the people: "A lot of Americans are like, 'omg raw beef and are terrified to eat it.'" Speak for yourself, friend, I love my tartare. And that woman that made Dumonet uncomfortable by sucking his face to the point of partially ingesting his soul. Great chef and restaurant; terrible people to have describe them.

  3. French food is pretentious and overrated. I've eaten this food at these restaraunts and would much rather eat street food in Thailand or fish from Asian markets.

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