Chicken Fried Rice: What Is It And How Is It Made?

Asian food (particularly Chinese) is one of the most popular types of food on the planet. It is extremely popular in the United States. There are many types of dishes that you can order but one of the most requested, made and purchased dishes is fried rice. It is not very difficult to make the fried rice and many things can be added to it. Lots of different types of meats can be added but chicken is the usually the one that everyone likes.

The chicken fried rice you order in an American Chinese restaurant is going to look a lot different than in China. In the United States the fried rice is either a light brown or a dark brown color. The ingredients are typically the rice, scallions, vegetables, chicken, eggs, vegetables and soy sauce. Soy sauce is typically used in place of salt.

It is not too difficult to prepare the dish there are just a few simple steps that need to be followed. The dish is made from cold rice that has been steamed. Leftover rice is needed to be used because fresh rice will cause it to steam instead of being fried. Cooking oil is an essential ingredient in the dish and often times different things are mixed in with garlic to give it some extra flavor. After the oil is finished the rice is mixed in and from there you can add any of the other ingredients that you would like to make your fabulous meal.

The dish first came about in China because it was considered to be a dish for the poor. It never was included in formal dinners and for people of importance. It was eaten by the peasants and homeless. American friend rice was not even invented here. It was invented by the people of Thailand and as fed to American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Since that time it has become quite a popular dish and it is not just for peasants and poor people anymore.

The dish is made all over the world. Each country has different recipes and methods of cooking the food. If you choose to make a dish to eat make sure to find the right recipe. You want to make sure you use a recipe because you want to use the correct servings for ingredients. If you do not follow servings or instructions then you will either have too much or too little made. It is the number one dish ordered at Chinese restaurants and will remain that way for quite some time. In America it is greasier and saltier than in China. All of the Americanized versions of Chinese food are not as healthy as the original version. Just always make sure to follow the guidelines when deciding to make this dish.

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