Chill Out Towns in South East Asia

While traveling, it's great to visit places where the masses flock, the landmarks and sights of each country that draw people from across the globe. But sometimes you can get world weary, and need a reply from the hoards of people with cameras and maps. There are some amazing little towns in south East Asia where you can escape this, and chill out in your own little paradise.

Samosir, Indonesia: well off the beat track, Samosir in Indonesia is surrounded by the largest volcanic lake in the world, and is a great destination for relaxing, soak up the sun and swim in the beautiful waters of the lake, while enjoying the beautiful vistas. The island is peaceful and ethnic, with comfortable lodgings and a relaxing atmosphere.

Kampot, Cambodia: famed for Kampot Pepper, a favorite with chefs all over the world, Kampot is a small town in the south of Cambodia. It fits close to Bokor National Park which has an amazing ruined French colonial town which is well worth a trip to.

Ao Nang, Thailand: famed to be one of Thailand's best beaches, Ao Nang still manages to avoid being a must have on the tourist trail. It is more of a family and sports destination, so young travelers often get bored quickly, but the island offers a great choice, and is ecologically sustainable.

Ubud, Indonesia: A gorgeous alternative to the touristy trails of Bali, Ubud is quiet and relaxing.

Don Det, Laos: lie in your hammock and watch the day go by, or try and spot the endangered Mekong dolphin.

If you are looking to travel to any of these places, make sure you have your passport and valid travel insurance.


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