China Food Trip Complete Docudrama


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  1. If anyone want to know food in China, go to watch <A bite of China>.
    I have to say this documentary is from the western world's perspective. they are intended to expose the bad things in China, every Country has bad things, but as food documentary, BBC can record so much wonderful food in Mediterranean, even so deciduous traditional food in India while ignoring their food hygiene , royal quality cuisine in 7-star hotel in Japan. And when they came to China, they show the world to Chinese environment crisis, unfairness and poverty. What obvious purpose.

  2. Anything that flies in the sky or walks on the ground as long as its back is facing the sky
    YOU CAN EAT IT !!!!!
    Such of people is not a human being a nation that eats feces and everything …. Here it brings humanity Corona virus

  3. I feel so bad for the CHINESE PEOPLE. MY MIND BLEEDS FOR THEM. POOR PEOPLE I want the best for them all they deserve to be happy in a healthy land. Not this 🙁 Lady at 18.:46 is crazy minded. She's delusional progress should not come at the expense of killing things like nature. This is why I refuse to purchase Chinese anything. I love the people, but I don't agree with how the land is being treated and killed off in the name of progress and the families that are made to suffer for the sake of progress.

  4. This documentary is stupid it's just showing the nasty side of things it's like saying you go to America your eating in a beautiful New York resturant but theres a homeless man shitting in the alley I hope you know

  5. Thank you for sharing this. Really interesting documentary. I really feel for mr and mrs Gao, struggling every day without facilites. Real heroes. And also that lady planting trees in the desert.

  6. People like Sophie will get their comeuppance. She thinks she's contributing to China's so-called progress? Disgusting what her attitude is. The fertile farmland being destroyed to make way for international corporations parking their bloated bums in a country that's still very dividied between the rich and poor. I see the newly-rich Chinese tourists in the city where I live, crude, rude, rushing around gawping at the monuments and historic centre, not thinking about people like the farmer in the remote area struggling and the fishermen who can't fish because of water pollution. What do they care about these people? They only care about kicking out the inhabitants of these lands and destroying anything clean, good, green and fresh. Ugh. Sickening.

  7. thank you, I think you've been using a microscope to highlight atomic things within Chinese community. Very low and bad work, thanks.

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  9. first of all sorry if i used this your channel.

    dogs and cats are not born to be food. it doesn't mean you are human meaning you have a right to do that.

    why can't you understand that dogs and cats are the most needed value and care. they feel what we are feel . they also feel how to be hungry, fear, cold ,thirst and how could you get it.

    sorry for my English grammar .

  10. Nothing lasts forever. China may become more powerful but how long. If China doesn't give concern to its depleting natural resources, how can we give proper definition of a good nation, a good country when it doesn't give heed to its people? Or is it a game to control its over population? Is it because these poor people don't contribute to the nation? If China has so much possibilities to growth , then it too has possibilities to go down crumbling.

  11. This is not a food documentary. It's the usual biased marxist attack against Capitalism. China has much corruption and is also liberalizing and moving toward freedom. The economic gains have been enormous. I feel bad for these people who are victims of idiotic bureaucrats and corrupt corporations. BUT the alternative is wholesale starvation and death. Mao starved / killed 75 million. This is a significant improvement, I would say and it will keep getting better. 

    I should also remind some of you that the criticisms leveled by these poor Chinese would have ended with a bullet to the head some time ago. So definitely another improvement that they can openly criticize their Government.

  12. Sand witched , trapped, Middle, Nine tribes were nailed down by the Vertical Pole/spear….. Jung-Guk. They said they are/were Center/ the Chen-tter land/ war- hoarders' land. Competition are no longer need in IT era however , ancient family way will win.

  13. Many themes for educating earth from the China , from where Human species can learn from. Failures are teachers. Conservatives means timid or learned from their failures. We can learn from them. Center, Jung-Guk/ Bug-Nine middle land tribes.

  14. @44;50 Ban that business. Water/H2O is life-Line for the village, nation, earth, universe, planet worlds. Water turns to clouds and into air , air seeps into our bodies. …………Water means our life. The first fine life- elements is water H2O. Two Hydrogens(Hydr conquered Gen/pasted/mixed/mingled and one Oxygen/Jade key/ Prison key.

  15. So shame that goverment wants to rich for development the country but in the same time distroy the people and enviroment. The rich is richer the poor is poor. Not fair. If the are many good lawyer like in the video and mrs ling ching who struggul to grow on the desert i think it will fix the problem

  16. Those people do need help, but it is very difficult to get them helped. China needs brilliant leaders who should find a better way than just to follow the old route of other nations, such as UK, which might not be a good route at all. China has not enough natural resources for ordinary people to lead a better life. They need substantial knowledge and skills, and above all, spirits to discover new ways which no other countries have undergone.

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