China: Growing rice, raising fish for food items and livelihood protection

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16 thoughts on “China: Growing rice, raising fish for food items and livelihood protection”

  1. I'd rather raise snakeheads and walking catfish on those rice fields. Climbing perch are also good alternatives and so are eels.

    Carp are not my type of fish. They are too bony to eat.

  2. I watched this in the begining of this year. And then here in Korea i planted rices on a little terrace which is exactly the same one on this video. I raised carps and crucian carps together, but they are now dead for unexpected short of water. I will try next year again. I hope to work a bull and use a tool like the farmer does in this video.

  3. Misinformed; these are some of the PRIME food sources and have helped empires and nations along their way.
    Nutrition value (when processed or milled) isn't always important, so much as getting the calories (fuel) you need to get stuff done.
    Along with grains, vegetables can be eaten.
    Try seeing a culture living on fat, meat and dairy just because "they say so"; it doesn't happen.

  4. Billions of people around the world eat stuff every day and the don't really some of what they eat have no nutritional value at all. They just eat it because their culture says so. Rice, wheat, corn, sugar are some of those food. Beside having no benefits these foods are also environmental disaster. That's not to mention how toxic they are also to the human body and a drain to the health system.

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