China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan Las Las Vega|Eat In Restaurants Las Vega

China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan of Las Las vega incorporates the tastes of Mexico and also China to develop a distinct eating experience.


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31 thoughts on “China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan Las Las Vega|Eat In Restaurants Las Vega”

  1. Poblano is how you call someone from Puebla (4th biggest state in Mexico). "China Poblana" was a character that was not Chinese but Indian, her name was Mirra and it is atribuited to her the tradicional Mexican costume (for girls).
    There are in fact a very important sculpture called "China Poblana's fountain" here in Puebla City, search it out, it's interesting.

  2. Amazing camera work and music. I'd say try to cut down on the talking, or at least face shots. If you could be more concise about what you're saying (even if you need to take some time after taking the first bite in order to sort out your thoughts) I think this could go a long way. Another tip, little bit off-topic now, is try to get one of those small microphones that you just stick to your shirt or something, they're really cheap and block out a lot of the noise.

    Overall I really wanna see where this channel goes and I love food videos in general, so keep it up.

  3. *** READ ME!!!!! ***
    Hey when you come to Los Angeles. I know a Bunch of not known Resturaunt that in my opinion represent L.A.
    Ive always wanted to start a food channel but dont where to start since im not picky about food ive tried all sorts of stuff and would be cool to have a food channel…*sigh

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