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Cars, on behalf of a country’s degree of modernization in automotive technologies, every brand’s autos are the crystallization of higher-tech. Because the 20th century, 80 several years to realize a strategic shift in China’s auto industry, China’s car industry has been groping a road of advancement suited to national conditions.

In the new century, facing the accession to WTO, China’s car industry will be what sort of problem crop up? At present, China Culture of Automotive Engineers, chairman of Societe Generale of Zhang’s car industry is presently conducted in-depth assessment.

“3 3 small” sample no for a longer time exists

China’s advancement of car industry to go through the introduction of highly developed technologies, joint ventures, the road, this is a shortcut. By taking this route, shortening the gap among the environment car industry, has won development of advancement.

January 15, 1984, China’s to start with joint undertaking car – Beijing Jeep Company was established, manufacturing the United States, Cherokee jeep Oct 10 the exact same 12 months, Sino-German joint undertaking Shanghai Volkswagen Auto Co., Ltd. in Beijing, signed an settlement the two sides share cash of every 50%, production medium Santana, and now the dimensions attained 30 million units.

July 22, 1985, Sino-French joint undertaking Guangzhou Peugeot Auto Organization in China registered Small business Administration

. November 20, 1991, FAW-Volkswagen joint undertaking with FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. 1, once-a-year production capacity of 150,000 regular degree of Jetta sedan base the exact same 12 months, December 19, two French Citroen Auto Co Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Auto Organization signed an settlement to establish designs to generate basic-degree variety ZX Fukang sedans 150,000. This five international relationship coupled with the introduction of Japanese technologies organization wholly-owned enterprises in Tianjin Xiali, constitutes a “3 big and 3 small” sedan structure.

10 several years have handed, and now Guangzhou Peugeot has been reorganized as Guangzhou Honda, Production Accord. At the exact same time a range of new car organizations and new items are emerging. FAW-Volkswagen Audi, ranging from an A6, Shanghai GM Buick sort of “Large Brother”, it does have Chongqing Changan, Guizhou, skylark and other micro-autos that the two micro-enterprises, to the close of previous 12 months, 13 organizations have been formally accepted on the directory. This 12 months also launched several new firms to launch their quasi-car items these as: Zhejiang Geely, Chery, Anhui, Nanjing, Ingle and the great Nike, Jiangsu Yueda, Qingdao Yizhong so.

These new autos the emergence of enterprises and their items, not only broke the initial “3 3 small, two micro” small business arrangement, but also a richer item selection, and the higher, medium, usual and very low-grade sedan evil. At the exact same time, not only intermediate Santana, basic-degree Jetta, Beverly boost in a range of variants, the election loading, but there is also a Passat, Santana 2000 Buick, Pink Flag, Audi, Guangzhou Accord and other higher-close autos. 100,000 yuan a lot less financial autos besides Xiali, Alto, skylark addition, elevated their enhanced and the antelope, Bethlehem, Large Dipper and so on. China’s car production structure of these a modify can be explained that from the “Romance of 3 Kingdoms” to a “relive” This is a fantastic point or a bad point, is nevertheless not able to make conclusions.

Everyday car industry is fiercely aggressive

    Ordinary car is outlined to imply a lot more than 1 liter displacement down below 1.6 liters of autos in China is generally from 1.3 to 1.6 liters of autos. In accordance to studies, the national production from 1.3 to 1.6 liters of autos 13 enterprises. From the initial “Large 3” date, Jetta, Fukang autos of this grade, aged Santana, even though the 1.8-liter, mid-degree models, the present value has been lowered to Jetta, Beverly, less than regular sedans also joined the competitors in ranks.

At present, China’s biggest production capacity of regular autos, most types, the industry is fiercely aggressive.

The to start with Jetta. Although the older product Jetta, but soon after the transformation of FAW, the motor and gearbox are new and fantastic effects, the trustworthiness is fantastic, no large difficulties. In particular, with a five-valve motor Jetta, extremely aggressive. FAW-Volkswagen to select from a selection are a lot more shut to the scale of construction, previous 12 months manufactured a lot more than 90,000 Jetta autos is anticipated to generate 120,000 this 12 months will be a lot more than delighted to run this 12 months, there will be a new car industry.

Second, Beverly. Fukang autos a lot more highly developed, fuel-economical, technically in the aged product in a major placement, but the industry relatively late, are little by little increasing their industry share. Beverly automobile production previous 12 months, 5.2 million units sold 54000.

This 12 months is anticipated to be up to 8 million units, profits of the conditions, generally depends on the industry. Fukang car motor has 1.4 liters, 1.6 to open two types, all EFI, the product species transformed considerably. 988 overall body assembly utilizing bi-fuel taxis, are extremely well known this 12 months, there will be Picasso car into the industry.

Third, Santana. Typical variety Santana has been lowered to 100,000 yuan a minimal a lot more value aggressive, previous 12 months manufactured a lot more than 150,000 autos are nevertheless in the potential will have a industry. In addition to Poussin, the Shanghai Volkswagen Santana 2000 production was created, the Passat product the two vegetation, with a whole production capacity of a lot more than 300,000. In addition to the initial motor generate 150,000 units of a 827 motor plant exterior, and now created a scale of 270,000 units of the motor plant, manufacturing 1.8 to open the motor, there are two valves and five valves, electrical power, torque boost a.

Fourth, Sail and Xiali 2000o Sail is available on the advancement of China-based mostly car new car prices, functionality and aggressive advantage. Xiali 2000 is Toyota’s technological transformation of the new models, aged Xiali era item. The two autos will contend for Jetta and Fukang marketplaces.

In the whole amount of money of more than-supply of higher-close autos

China in the upcoming five several years, the advancement pattern of higher-close autos will be the whole supply exceeds desire, some brand names will no for a longer time be as they are now and Xiao Qiao.

China’s present higher-close autos are generally Santana 2000, Passat. Shanghai Buick, Audi, Hongqi, Guangzhou Honda. Shanghai Volkswagen’s Passat is Volkswagen in Germany on the basis of the company’s items, through the joint structure and lengthen the overall body, is solely a Chinese product, geared up with a 1.8-liter gasoline motor, but also optional diesel motor, very low value paddy subject in Guangzhou this 12 months, is anticipated to generate 75000.

Audi A6 is the FAW Volkswagen joint advancement with the lengthening of the center-grade sedan, production capacity of 30000, manufacturing a lot more than 15,000 autos previous 12 months, is presently in quick supply. The localization charge of a lot more than 40% car, overall body, motor manufacture their possess engines with 1.8-liter five-valve gasoline motor, 1.8 liter turbo gasoline motor, as very well as 24 liters, 26 liters imported motor. Guide gearbox for the self-management, automated transmission for the imports, the least expensive value (1.8 liters) 32.8 million, the greatest in a lot more than 40 million customers, producing it the greatest-degree sedan, this 12 months may generate 250,000 , internet marketing and profits optimistic.

With the Pink Flag sedan “Century Star”, the item pull the grade, the industry missing a wide prospect, and previous year’s production of 15.3 thousand, this 12 months may also be a minimal a lot more. Pink Flag sedan is principally our possess advancement, China-owned enterprises, production administration is fantastic, good quality is confirmed. Domestic motor automobile machines 488 less expensive, imported machines a lot more high priced motor.

Shanghai GM Buick sedan is used a ton of money, technologies, highly developed machines, Ye Hao. Commenced to industry in quick supply, previous 12 months manufactured 30000, the industry is not restricted, and this 12 months will launch a sort of bullet-truck.

    Guangzhou Honda five several years of production by 3.2 million units in quick supply this 12 months, may achieve 50000, and marketplaces are easing. In the higher-close autos available capacity will exceed industry desire, competitors will turn into intense.

In addition, this 12 months there will be DPCA Picasso, FAW Volkswagen will have to run a enjoyable car on the industry. The two basic-Class on the 1.6-liter motor has 2. liters and above million liters of displacement, is supposed to transfer nearer to mid-dimensions car, is a quasi-mid-dimensions car, highly developed technologies, prospective customers are vibrant. Will also contend for higher-class autos industry.

Beijing Jeep Cherokee sport utility automobile manufactured by the mountain belongs to autos. However, gasoline-guzzling huge, in urban spots can not engage in four-wheel generate advantage, not suitable for the Chinese industry, has in no way been the capacity to achieve 30000. Lately, the joint undertaking the two sides have made a decision to elevate cash, to lengthen the joint undertaking period, manufacturing a bigger displacement of the Grand Cherokee, grades higher, profits would have been greater, but the quantity will not be fantastic.

Mini buses, autos will proceed to develop financial system

Mini bus, financial system autos is a lot less than 1 liter displacement of small buses and micro-autos, including the National 9 production of micro-autos and small vans. In the financial system car, Tianjin Growth Company to introduce Japanese technologies

Production of 1 liter of displacement of the Xiali, a couple of several years in the past has attained an once-a-year output of 100,000, built money carrying out a taxi. But in latest several years owing to technological degree, assembly degree and other good reasons, industry share shrinking to be a substitute.

Changan Automobile Production 47000 previous 12 months, output expansion in each individual 12 months although, but the industry expansion is not. Changan Suzuki Alto and Japanese joint undertaking to generate autos of antelope, has entered the taxi industry in Chongqing, the new taxis are largely antelope, squeezed Xiali, Beverly, also squeezed Alto, Qinchuan car and built a new item, ALTO for a longer time than 200mm, can keep 1 liter or .8 to open motor, ride ease and comfort, molds are carrying out a fantastic career, and 40000 the dimensions of this 12 months will be set into production aggressive. Guizhou Skylark production of extremely small.

The to start with mini-van Tianjin Beverly. At that time, Tianjin mini passenger and goods autos in to start with area, is the to start with mini-car. Later on, Chongqing Changan, Jiangxi Changhe, Harbin Hafei, Liuzhou Wuling mini-bus up, etcetera., and the value is ideal, profits are fantastic. Now, travellers are carrying out these styles of micro-modification and updating. If Changan Star, the Songhua River and Italy, Changhe Large Dipper and so on.

Optimistic about the potential pattern of mini-car. Production of micro-off previous 12 months, a lot more than 40 million autos this 12 months will be all around 50% of the charge of expansion, will achieve a lot more than 60 million autos upcoming 12 months, up to 80 if 900,000, a lot more than car production. Finish of this 12 months, micro-autos will form a 1 million capacity in 2005 will achieve 180 in situation capacity of 2 million. Evaluation of the charge of sustained expansion of micro-results in First mini-car less expensive, the least expensive a lot less than 3 million, you can sit five persons, for the buying electrical power of urban people in China, relatively couple of paid all taxes, fuel-economical, financial fantastic next is to speed up highway construction, the township has a paved road a micro-car will exchange the portion of the agricultural autos to enter the small cities.

The deal with of an oversupply of capacity and range of brand names, WTO soon after China’s car industry problem is not optimistic, at least to 2005 several years in the past, to be chaotic for some time. The end result of competitors is the survival of the fittest, of class, the concentrate of competitors is the item industry placement. Although improving item competitiveness ways: First, boost the technologies written content, enhance good quality the next is to decrease the expense 3 is fantastic services.

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