Chinese All You Can Consume Buffets Are Phony! – We Test A Genuine One in China

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From Panda Categorical, to any aged Chinese buffet in The us, all you can try to eat buffets have turn out to be a Chinese food staple. With incredibly small selling prices, are they well worth it? Absolutely, but the food may well not be serious Chinese foods. So do Chinese men and women eat all you can try to eat buffets in China? We take a look at an all you can try to eat buffet in China to see what food they serve!

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41 thoughts on “Chinese All You Can Consume Buffets Are Phony! – We Test A Genuine One in China”

  1. all you can eat has been around for a long time if I go back 55 yrs I can remember spending $ 2.50 at one of these places and the food was superb you name it they had it, the dessert table was to die for, real ice cream scooped out of the 5-gallon container and chocolate sauce so thick you could use it for motor oil. none of this instant crap of today. the buffets of today are batter-fried non-nutricious cheap junk food. there was a time in the USA when food was wholesome and you got what you paid for.

  2. Hmmmm would it be racist of me too say I'm very disappointed when I see Asian people fighting because I'm expecting Karate a couple spin kicks and chops and some bad voice overs but they doing is grabbing on each other wtf is that about

  3. yes content is good. i learned something 15 dollars for a eatall you can fancy meal in a mainland chinese hotel restaurant where people mostly eat to but not stay in the hotel. got it. Its like ive been to china. Im a filipino and im surprised they have a filipino singer in that hotel. I thought mainland china is out of reach for filipino working abroad since they are in the middle east.

  4. Vivi is too much of an ultra nationalist when it comes to Chinese Food. Her criticisms of American Chinese Buffets go to far. There are some stinkers for sure, and the food is not "authentic" but the quality of the meats, seafood, and vegetables are in many cases equal or even superior to the average Chinese quality of meat, seafood, or vegetable.

  5. So you chinese buffet was only 5 buck also? You seemed to have forgotten to mention the price. It is like comparing McDonalds to a 5 star restaurant. You get what you pay for all around the world.

  6. You punk, should have married a westren boy

    The planet has fat people, global trade.
    Buffet starts before fat people were showing up.
    Chinese food in USA started in the 1800's
    Flab glaciers globally are a product of
    You need to stay in China educate your wife why the food in the USA is different.

  7. I really like Chinese buffets… I don’t think they are slop . I know it’s not authentic Chinese food ( which I’ve had) but it’s comfort food and cheat. Something doesn’t have to be expensive to be delicious

  8. Unfortunately, statistics show that as Asian countries adopt western diets, the rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease go way up. Western diets are not healthy.
    Love your channel!

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