Chinese Cooking VS. Western Cooking

Below are some dissimilarities among the cooking strategies of the East and West.



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32 thoughts on “Chinese Cooking VS. Western Cooking”

  1. Was gonna say not all westerners are like that when cooking (I cook like the chinese way for all cuisine) then I realised my granddad was part chinese and japanese.

  2. not every asian family use MSG in their cooking. MSG is a no no for my family. my mother would kill me if i use MSG in my cooking (haha jk). MSG is bad for health ppl.

  3. The funny thing is, is that the guy that just tosses things into the bowl, has a try harder shirt…

  4. I usually just make sure I have the correct ingredients and then… Godspeed. You're right on the MSG though.

  5. I may be part of North America but in my family, measurements are a myth. "They are only there to freak you out" says ma

  6. I am from Bulgaria (neither the west nor the east), but I agree except for theo oven thing. You don't want to eat all this preparation raw, you want it well cooked.

  7. That's my mom, not using any measuring tools and the food tastes great, but when I do it it either to much salt of something. And my mom puts all the pans in the oven .

  8. No hate but i feel like this is a bit racist there saying western as in white and putting little seasoning talking proper and following a recipes exactly then the Chinese has alot of flavor and is eye balled i feel like if anything chinese culture is more likely to follow a recipe to the tee but this is just me so no hate

  9. Only recipes I ever followed to a key were Grandpa's, and only because I can't get it to come out that good freehand.

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