Chinese Cuisine – The Flavors of Chinese Cuisine

Who does not love Chinese food ?! Are you intrigued by how the Chinese can cook so many attractive looking foods and still maintain such wonderful blends of flavor and taste? The dishes served by the Chinese people come in big plates meant for sharing that food has important social aspects. Perhaps you've noticed that the food is served in small pieces that do not require cutting at the tables and can be picked up by chopsticks. Do you know that there is much history behind Chinese Cuisine?

China has a long history of over 5000 years. Through the ages, dynasties have come and gone bringing with them traditions and practices and different cultures. Do you know that in China, food is the most important thing? People greet each other with "Have you eaten?" after the usual "Good morning" or "Good evening" depending on the time of day. A guest wherever expected or not is never allowed to leave a home without partaking some food or drink.

Being a mostly agricultural country, crops in China were plentiful and diverse allowing for evolution of different types of cuisine. Chinese cuisine can be divided into two main types based on its geography. In the Northern parts of the country wheat based food was and still is the staple whereas the food in the Southern parts, rice was and still is the staple food. In the North, spicy foods were predominant because of the cold climate, the most famous being those from Szechuan while in the South, Cantonese food are well-known. The spicy Ma Po Tofu comes from Szechuan kitchens while the equally delicious Yang Chow Fried Rice is from Canton or Quangdong.

Cooking has evolved into an art form in China. Two major influences in Chinese cuisine were from famous schools / teachers. The great Confucius placed much importance on food teaching there should be harmony in taste and presentation as well as food etiquette. Food became an art under his influence. Have you seen how the cold cuts are presented and arranged in the big platters? While the Taoist teaching emphasized food for nourishing the body giving long life. From Taoism come the effects of using herbs and food with medicinal properties to heal the body. The Bird's nest soup is highly prized for its medicinal qualities. A bowl can costs up to a thousand dollars! Eels and turtle soup are other examples of nourishing food. Have youasted these foods? If not, why not get a little adventurous and try Chinese food. You will certainly not regret it.


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