Chinese Female Tries American Chinese Food stuff

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My spouse has in no way tried using Chinese food stuff in The united states just before. I took her to the most typical restaurant I could come across to attempt the most preferred dishes that the typical American orders.
She bases her score on authenticity and taste. We even bought some nearby thoughts.

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38 thoughts on “Chinese Female Tries American Chinese Food stuff”

  1. I have been to Beijing, China couple of years ago and their food is totally different and really good. Everything cooked from scratch and taste amazing. They don't have items on the menu that we see here in the US being called "Chinese food". I never order Chinese food here it looks gross to me.

  2. Where i grew up on the west coast, chow mein is a noodle dish, similiar to lo mein or mei fun, but the noodles were ligjtly fried. When i moved to the east coast the chow mein was a dish of chinese cabbage and vegetables topped with a few fried noodles

  3. off the top of my head ive been to probably more than 100 different Chinese places all over America (yes i realize thats like a drop of water in an ocean) and i have never once gotten a heap of gloopy veggies when ordering chow mein, its always pan fried noodles with bean sprouts and water chestnuts and some kind of meat usually pork in my experience

  4. my favorite chinnise food are:
    frie rice
    coconut shimp
    beef and brocoli
    chiken and brocoli
    mongolian beef
    frie shrimp
    frie squid
    fried octopus
    hot wing
    sea food soup
    egg drop soup
    sour soup
    lo mei
    egg rolls
    siracha an chinisse puhh.

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