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Hey guys!
Today we will be eating out at a Chinese restaurant!
It was delicious the Xiao long bao was awesome and shanghai noodles was yummy 😀
Hope you guys enjoyed this vlog we had a great time filming it, we didn’t end up filming anything for the jelly, we just ate them, it was also very yummy!

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Thanks for watching ^.^


23 thoughts on “Chinese Food | Eating Out Vlog | Mukbang”

  1. the reason why people sometimes bite the xiaolongbao skin which is basically a hole, it is because xiaolongbao is normally served straight off steamers so it is super fresh with lots of steam – very hot! the hole allows the temperature to go down a bit before it goes into mouth. Other than thats, true, some people loved tasting the soup from inside before eating the whole lot.

  2. yum!!! I'm Chinese, this food makes me wanna eat! Looking authentic – I trust your verdict and I'm sure you guys assessed it like professionals 🙂

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