Chinese Food Market with snakes, frogs and scorpians.

Chinese food market, great vegetables and fresh meat, chicken,frogs and snake. Plus what we bought for our dinner.


7 thoughts on “Chinese Food Market with snakes, frogs and scorpians.”

  1. With Foshans population pushing 13M, people will eat anything. Cooked, most things taste very good. Fresh healthy, make sure you wash the veg well. Nothing processed here. Dinner may set you back 50RMB for 4 people ($8 AUD) they do it everyday.
    Most mums, daughters visit every day to buy food. No one trip a week bulk buy here. Many people still live day to day buying just enough for dinner and probably breaky the next morning. Stay for a month and guve your body a boost, great in summer for a detox….Oh yes the beauty of Foshan…Very few Foreigners.

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