Chinese Get-Out Taste Exam | my 1st time ordering Chinese-American meals

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I’m possessing my pretty very first style of Chinese-American consider-out classics like: Orange Chicken, Egg Foo Younger, and Moo Goo Gai Pan. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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Zongzi Style Test:
The Beyond Burger:

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34 thoughts on “Chinese Get-Out Taste Exam | my 1st time ordering Chinese-American meals”

  1. I like both Chinese American (Canadian) and authentic Chinese food, however I prefer the authentic! There's a tiny little restaurant in Ottawa that serves mostly "Northern" Chinese foods (or so their menu says). It's always full of Chinese people who stare at me and I have to tell the waitress to make the food as they would for a Chinese customer, otherwise I'll get the usual "Chinese-American" food full of sugar or ketchup. Oh my God their crispy sesame beef is to die for, no joke.

  2. My all-time fave is Mu Shu Chicken, but I love Moo Goo Gai Pan as well. Our favorite restaurant over an hour away from home — but WORTH the drive!! — unfortunately closed several years ago πŸ™ and we have never found another even anywhere near as good ever since. Now I want Chinese food!! lol

  3. People don't realize that Gen Tso's, Sesame and orange chicken are really all the same. The sauce is the same for all of them generally. Tso's just add chili, Sesame, add sesame etc.

  4. I love our local Chinese restaurant take out we have 2 different places near me and the crab Rangoon is a favorite of mine though here they are shaped in a triangle. I also like wonton soup and steamed dumplings… House special friend rice(pork/chicken/shrimp) and our sweet and sour sauce here is red not orange. The orange packets you can get is Duck sauce, absolutely delicious on egg rolls lol and we do not have grub hub here, I live in a tiny Town in central NY. Enjoy. I love your videos. Love how you are brutally honest at times and always cheerful…even when you messaged up lol.

  5. Why is your chanel named Emmy made in Japan if you are Chinese? Did you used to just cook Japanese dishes and then branched out? And why do you say ita daki maus? Isn't that Japanese too. Just wondering. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!

  6. The only one of those dishes we have in the UK is the egg fu-yung. All the accompanying broccoli looked to be very overcooked, as was the fu-yung, it actually looked slightly burnt. I think I will stick with the chinese food we have in the UK.

  7. Egg Foo Young is eaten with a gravy, that is flavored according to the type of Egg Foo Young being eaten (pork gravy for pork, beef for beef, etc.). Without the gravy it's kind of boring.

  8. We lived just a couple of blocks from a Chinese restaurant just on the edge of China Town where mostly Asians ate – I rarely saw any customers dining in who were not Asian. That convinced me that I had to try it. Sure enough, not a single "candy"-styled dish on the menu. One day they had a special of stir-fried greens – incredibly dark green and tender – with wood ear fungus and a sauce that was almost a fruity oyster sauce. BEST Chinese dish I have ever had. Not much of a fan of the sweet sauces (I call them candy-style). When I was a child any time I had an egg roll the filling was always a wonderful mix of fresh bean sprouts, pieces of Chinese BBQ pork and discernable other ingredients. These days I can only find egg rolls stuffed with ground cabbage and maybe a little ground pork. I miss the egg rolls of my youth.

  9. my two brothers opened Chinese take out, was in business for about 20 years, But both of them are getting out of the business. Profit margins too low, finding people wanting to do the jobs, too few.

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