Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

A person of the most remarkable issues about remaining an expat in Hong Kong is the opportunity to working experience Hong Kong’s vacations and witness the traditions that go together with each.

Chinese New Year Lion Dance

Chinese New Year is 1 of the most festive periods of the year and the decorations, celebrations, and joyous ambiance are just a number of additional factors that Hong Kong existence is so special.

Chinese New Year is also identified as the Lunar New Year. The vacation falls on the first day of the first thirty day period on the lunar calendar, therefore the date modifications each year according to the present day Gregorian calendar.

The Chinese New Year celebration is spread above the first three times of the Lunar New Year, each of which counts as a statutory vacation.

A person story that goes together with the Chinese New Year celebration is about a monster that lived in close proximity to an old village and came out at the starting of each year.

The monster did not like the coloration purple or loud noises, so the villagers would stick purple paper on their doors and mild firecrackers to make sound and scare absent the monster. When the monster experienced long gone, the people today would greet and bless each other.

Chinese Lai See

The traditions of pasting purple paper on doors, lights firecrackers, and greeting buddies and loved ones with blessings are still a massive aspect of the Chinese New Year celebration.

Most residences and companies dangle purple paper on their doors that have blessings, such as “Could you have additional than enough all year” and “Could you be healthy.”

(Still left): Crimson packets (lai si), are usually supplied to buddies and loved ones at New Year.

Another apply is for married partners to give lai si to near acquaintances, but most importantly to small children. This is a small purple envelope with money within.

The term lai si signifies luck and is yet another way of wishing blessings on near buddies and loved ones.

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