Chinese Persons Try out Panda Specific For The To start with Time

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China On The Move
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food stuff and Drink in America Andrew smith

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41 thoughts on “Chinese Persons Try out Panda Specific For The To start with Time”

  1. If all of the employees at a chinese style restaurant are white, mexican and black then there is something very wrong

  2. You can tell the cultural differences… The young ones are stereotypical pretentious americans, while the older actual chinese are much more humble to eat decent food.

  3. The elders probably grew up with next to nothing for a better life for their younger kind who slag off their food which they had at a click of a button

  4. I love how there like im not sure whats in that< if youve ever been to asia the shit inside your good is legit cartalidge

  5. Tbh they're all biased. My grandparents grew up with the great leap famine and they basically eat everything and find everything yummy. And the Taiwanese grandmas live in a country where people go just for the food on vacation.

  6. Old folks are always wiser, that young boy act like he knows all China food, when he is more American than McDonalds

  7. Panda Express doesn't taste like Chinese food, but whether you like it or not, it depends on your taste pallet.

    FYI: Food prepared for this video was probably prepared by professionals, while the food you get from the restaurants are prepared by that guy or girl that's just making their paycheck to paycheck. Also, these people in the vid were more than likely served with fresh ingredients, while the food served at restaurant contain preservatives. The quality between the two is very different!

  8. "If you knew what actual Chinese chow mein looks like, you could tell this is American chow mein."

    People who actually speak the damn language "This looks like Chinese chow mein."

  9. I trust the older Chinese people when they like some things and don't like others. The younger Chinese kids are just millenials who are saying what they THINK they should say, and not telling the truth. "Oh, it smells like stinky feet!" "It tastes like cardboard!" Meanwhile, the much more authentic older Chinese couple is eating it and saying, "That tastes pretty authentic."
    These millenial kids are the type of people who would rave about how good the "pâté" is that Gordon Ramsey serves them, only to find out it was ground up hot dogs. Case in point, the guy who gets busted for being critical but liking McDonald's food.

  10. It is not authentic Chinese food because when the Chinese people were brought over to Canada they did not have the right ingredients to make the food they were use to in China. They had invited new recipes with what they could find here.

  11. Well some of these Chinese say it's similar or not similar because in china we don't have like a specific recipe you have to use. We mix and match many different things all the time and it really just depends on how you like it

  12. Damn the elders in this were VERY sweet and thoughtful. I enjoy this a whole lot more than typical millennials taste testing food. Your viewers want more old people. They give some honest and thoughtful feedback.

  13. I went to china and now I don't eat the Chinese food we get in America because it doesn't taste as good. So when my friends from Shanghai came to visit me I got recipes from them

  14. "Maybe it's not that bad" they all turn and stare, then she says he eats McDonalds all the time… EXPOSED, he probably eats Panda Express on the weekends.

  15. i honestly hate panda express. over priced food that doesn't even taste that good. plus they don't even give you a lot.

  16. Teen: "It smells, like, putrid!!"
    Grandma: "It has the fragrance of hot and sour soup. This one's not bad."

    I swear they edited that perfectly (≧◡≦)

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