Chinese dining establishment trick phone call

Call very first dining establishment and also provide an order. Place them on hold and also call 2nd dining establishment. Have very first repeat order to 2nd. Amusement takes place.


39 thoughts on “Chinese dining establishment trick phone call”

  1. This video is bullshit. When you go into the average Chinese restaurant you see the entire family busting their asses working with the grade school kids sitting there doing their homework and getting up to help every once in a while. They don't deserve to be pranked by a couple jackasses looking for a cheap laugh at their expense.

  2. I listened to both this and the one Howard had on his show.. This one. Just happened to be funnier because by luck the two had a much more com

  3. This is immature and a waste of time for the workers at the restaurants. I hope the people who think this is funny get stuck waiting to pick up their food sometime while the workers are on the phone with idiotic pranksters.

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