Chinese Take-Out: Reduced Carbohydrate Poultry Frying Pan

Reduced Carbohydrate Chinese Poultry Frying Pan in Savory Brown Sauce.
This is a very functional dish that can be made use of with any kind of mix of meats and also veggies to please food cravings for Chinese take-out!

Fundamental Asian Brown Sauce.

2 Tblsp Sesame Oil (or your favored oil– ghee, coconut oil, or MCT function well).
1 Tblsp fresh garlic (or even more).
2 Tblsp fresh ginger (or even more).
1/2 Tblsp fresh turmeric extract (optional).
3 pounds hen, cubed.

Warmth oil in a big frying pan or frying pan. Include garlic, ginger, and also turmeric extract. Warmth momentarily approximately to obtain tastes from the flavors. Maintain frying pan above warmth. Include hen and also chef above warmth up until browned. Prepare hen for around 20 mins relying on warmth, dimension of hen items.

Fundamental Brownish Sauce.

2 Tblsp Rice Vinegar (no sugar).
2 Tblsp Sesame oil (optional).
1/2 mug Coconut aminos (or tamari or soy sauce).
1 tblsp Ginger.

Include sauce to the hen gradually and also on the side of the frying pan so as not to minimize the frying pan temperature level way too much. Allow hen simmer in the sauce for 10 to 15 mins up until it hurts and also the sauce minimizes. You can additionally cover the frying pan and also allow it simmer to make sure hen hurts.


1 mug fresh asparagus.
1 mug fresh broccoli.
1 1/2 mug fresh mushrooms.
1 mug bean sprouts.

1/2 tsp Glucomannan or Xanthan gum tissue (enlarging representative).

When the hen is browned, include the veggies, or prepare the veggies in a different frying pan (instructions listed below). Prepare the veggies up until crisp tender. When all is done, include 1/2 tsp of glucamman and also mix. Offer over Wonder Rice or cauli-rice and also appreciate!

Utilize your favored veggies, yet conscious of the carbohydrate matter in each. For this dish I made use of asparagus, broccoli, bean sprouts, and also mushrooms. Various other great choices consist of zuchinni, peppers, snow peas (percentages), or onion (percentages).

If you’re utilizing a different frying pan as I did, make one more dish of brownish sauce and also include it to the veggies. Continue high warmth and also allow the sauce minimize. The veggies are done when they are crisp-tender. You do not wish to the veggies to be also soft. Include in the hen and also appreciate!


33 thoughts on “Chinese Take-Out: Reduced Carbohydrate Poultry Frying Pan”

  1. Just wanted to say if you sauté the aromatics in a little oil, the flavor pops! Ginger, garlic & onions are much more pronounced if you start that way and then brown your meat in the infused oil! Also to maximize sesame oil flavor drizzle after food is done, as the flavor dissipates with heat! Try it!

  2. Keep in mind, fresh ginger and ground ginger are two completely different animals. You’re gonna wanna use less if you’re using powdered. It’s much stronger whereas fresh ginger is milder and fresh.

  3. I wondered about bean sprouts. I am a big fan of egg-fu-yung. which is basically bean sprouts and eggs – a little bok-choy – . now I know I can have that without blowing my keto! perhaps you should give that a try?

  4. You are such a good teacher — not only about keto, but about cooking! How to peel ginger, pouring the sauce into the side of the pan, etc — thank you — I'm learning a lot!

  5. I would use another oil for browning. Also I would brown in batches if you do that the chicken would get brown and add more flavour. Sesame oil should not be used for cooking.

  6. Hi Kristie, are the coconut aminos you use 1g carbs/tsp? Only asking because I presume if I use the tamari I'm used to using I could cut the total carbs in the recipe for that ingredient by 2/3…..if I'm calculating correctly?? In your total recipe you use 1 C of coconut aminos right? This would be 48g of carbs total(1g/t). The tamari I use is labelled at 1g/T(16g total for a cup). That would be 32g less for the total recipe…or about 5g/serving. Please let me know if this is accurate or I'm missing something. Thanks

  7. This is a great recipe – I have been a bit confused because you have so many recipes for chocolate cakes, cheesecake, cookies, Apple Danish, ice cream etc.- Did you always eat a lot of sweets? Do you still crave sugar? – I though the goal was to re educate our taste buds so we no longer crave sweets – It seems to me that by eating sweets whether sugar or other sweetening agents would be counter productive to healthy eating

  8. I keep whole ginger root in the freezer. When I need some I take it out and grate what I need off the frozen chunk, then put it back in the freezer for next time. I never peel it. This way it keeps a long time.

  9. What kind of sauce texture does glucomannan yield? I kinda dislike the texture of xantham gum as it ends up so slimy in comparison to flour and cornstarch… I have been more likely to not thicken at all rather than use xantham gum because of that texture. I have wondered about arrowroot, but I haven't tried it yet.

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