Chinese “Thanksgiving” With The Loved ones: Moon Competition

Satisfied Moon competition or Joyful Mid-Autumn Festival everybody!!! I had an great Chinese Thanksgiving meal with my family members and close friends celebrating the whole moon. Hope you all had a terrific time and ate some mouth watering moon cakes!

The story of Chang E and her journey to the moon

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28 thoughts on “Chinese “Thanksgiving” With The Loved ones: Moon Competition”

  1. Omg Mike looks just like his dad and his mom is a cutie pie. And, not gonna talk about just how good that food looked especially the tomato/egg yum! Also loved the Korean restaurant he ate at (I'm half Korean).

  2. 这就是轮子全家福?轮子吃中餐是对中国文化的侮辱。轮子中国周边都跑过了,就是进不了中国境内,估计这辈子在想去中国是不可能了

  3. 你跟你爸媽好像不太熟阿~~我一直猜你是台灣人,可是聽你媽媽的口音,應該跟我一樣, 媽媽生在大陸抱著逃來台灣的外省第二代.後來也移民美國去了 ,因為對他們來說, 台灣不是他們的家@@

  4. I think the "nine layers" is supposed to mean "basil" like 九層塔…
    Cuz there is a popular Chinese dish called "basil eggplants" and I've never heard of "nine layer eggplants"…
    But I know it's easy to get confused because "basil" and "9 layers" are pronounced the same way in Chinese

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