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The chip heater is embedded in Australian and New Zealand social background as numerous people can recall making use of just one or an individual who experienced just one. The exact background of the chip heater is unclear.

The unique thought definitely must be derived from vertical steam boilers. Professor Miles Lewis notes that he ‘instantaneous water heaters’, which had been becoming sold by Douglas & Sons of Melbourne by 1888 had been probably of this type. In 1892 the Melbourne iron founder Angus McLean was promoting as the sole proprietor and manufacturer (presumably for Victoria) of Fischer’s Patent Tub Heater, which could be heated with wood in 3 minutes at the cost of just one farthing.

Catalogues from the Countrywide Radiator Organization (Hull, United Kingdom) from 1913 and 1919 which had been marketed in Australia do not demonstrate chip heaters suggesting that the chip heater was nearby innovation.


The chip heater was really comparable to the fuel and kerosene powered eyser incredibly hot water heaters popular in Australian suburban residences from the 1920s. The primary change was the gas supply. The Australian producer etters supplied fuel geysers for metropolis clientele with obtain to fuel and chip heaters for country clientele.


There had been a range of companies and makes. According to Professor Miles Lewis the early twentieth century makes integrated the Royal, Minor Hero, Silver Ace, Kangaroo, Empire and Minor Speculate. Peter Wooden recollects a orrens manufacturer becoming popular in Adelaide.

The Australian producer etters have a wide variety of chip heaters in their 1936 catalogue such as oil and kerosene powered chip heaters as well as four kinds of chip heater. Metters claimed a circulation of 2 gallons of ery incredibly hot water per moment.


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