College Lunches | American Kids Try Foods From Close to the Globe | Ep 2

Kids consider faculty lunches from around the entire world.

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Made, directed, and edited by

Vanessa & Talbot

College Lunch Menu:
India – Sambar, Sweet Kesari, Rice, Chaas
Sweden – Swedish Pancakes, Hardtack w/ Cheese, Lingonberry Juice, Carrot Salad
Japan – Curry Udon, Burdock Salad, Potato Croquette, Strawberry Milk
Cuba – Yellow Pea Soup, Taro Root, Fried Plantain, Chicken Croquette, Rice
France – Ratatouille, Grilled Salmon, Rice, Brie, Baguette, Fruit Yogurt
Kenya – Githeri
Afghanistan – High Energy Biscuit

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43 thoughts on “College Lunches | American Kids Try Foods From Close to the Globe | Ep 2”

  1. “This tastes like pho.”

    Okay don’t hate me but that doesn’t look anything like pho at all. And how she pronounces it nidcnidfnidfi it’s not pronounced ‘foe’ ;; ughh jthe chive

  2. Here in Canada we get to buy like different things we want like we go shopping like some days people get there kids mc Donald's or Wendy's or Arby's it's cool here that we pick what we want to eat from the store

  3. Omg what is wrong with the kids the things fr.o.m. Sweden was A pancake with jam and A lemon and some carrots the bred is called knäckebröd with chese and we nerver get that drink in school we Can chose water or milk and thats not what we get in Sweden we get pancakes but not with lemon and carrots !!

  4. The kid at 3:13 is the most 'complainiest' kid in the world. This is disgusting, is this cheese? I hate cheese, Eww, gross, do I have to eat this. Dude I've ate dirt and grosser stuff (which I will never speak of) deal with it kid. BRUH, this kid hates soup, he hates cheese and he doesn't like Japanese school lunch, dat stuff is better then our American depressing school food.

  5. I know for a fact that in Sweden there is over 10 different foods in schools not just 1 food. This is just fucking dumb.

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