Conan Delivers Chinese Foodstuff in NYC

View CONAN @ Conan returns to NYC to are living the glamorous lifestyle of a Chinese foods shipping and delivery gentleman.


44 thoughts on “Conan Delivers Chinese Foodstuff in NYC”

  1. Ok I'm sorry but if I was the first person Conan delivered to, even if I didn't know who he was, I would at least take the food. I guess it's a trust thing but still…*was she looking for a paticular guy to deliver her food????!!!!* it could be anybody delivering the food!

  2. I'd prefer to get my Chinese food in 45 minutes rather than 5 minutes because it will taste better rather than some super fast cooked shite

  3. the women who denied the food is probably banging the delivery guy that's why she was upset when Conan showed up.

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