Consuming At The Best Reviewed Chinese Restaurant In My Metropolis

Invested time on Yelp and uncovered a really advisable Chinese Cafe in my neck of the woods. We are speaking THE Highest AND MOST REVIEWED Location, so now it is time for us to encounter it alongside one another.

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23 thoughts on “Consuming At The Best Reviewed Chinese Restaurant In My Metropolis”

  1. Bruh you ordered dishes that don’t even represent authentic Chinese cuisine. Ordering Teriyaki was your first mistake (Cmon you’re at a Chinese restaurant), then beef strips on a stick with fruit out a can stuck to it? I love your food reaction videos but you literally ordered a bunch of dishes that have been made for the western pallet. It’s just silly Daym, it’d be like me going to the best steakhouse in my area and basing my 5 star review off a baked potato

  2. Daym, if you ever find yourself going down the Georgia coast on 95, pull off in Brunswick and go to the New China on I-17. It's been open for 47 years and is a staple among my family for two generations now. Best Chinese in town.

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