CP Hotel and Restaurant Gives a Unique Experience of Healthy and Tasty Party Food

CP Hotel and Restaurant Gives a Unique Experience of Healthy and Tasty Party Food

The CP Hotel and Restaurant is located in Pattaya, Thailand. The Hotel is best known for the party services it offers across the Pattaya city. The party arrangers at the hotel, offer services such as party planning, hiring services for party equipment, party entertainment services, party cakes, and party food and catering services.

They offer quality and professional party services that include party food such as finger food and general food supplies for all types of parties and functions; equipment hire services to hire all types of party equipment; delivery services of party food and equipment; trained staff to wait on the guests and serve them; clean up services at the end of parties; and party entertainment services such as music and sound systems.

They offer event food that includes finger food, package deals, platters, cakes, and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Finger food such as chicken, vegetable, frozen berries, meatballs; package deals such as deluxe feats, just for kids, roast buffet services, spring carnival, footy packs, teens' dreams; platters such as sandwich and fruit platters; cakes such as bulk cakes and specialty cakes; Alcoholic beverages such as beers and wines and non alcoholic beverages such as juices and soft drinks are available at affordable rates.

Hiring services include event equipment such as plastic-ware that includes plastic plates, bowls and cutlery; drink-ware such as ice bucket hire, glass cups hire and plastic cup hire; entertainment hire such as karaoke machines, DJ, sound and lighting system, food warming such as large and small pie warming hire; and beverage cooling and chocolate fountains.

Other catering services include providing of cooks, bartenders and serving staff. Party arrangers try to provide everything for party services from party entertainment to food services. All the event services are affordable and professional.

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