Delivery Chinese Food items!!

Shipping and delivery Chinese Food!! (11/6/14)
Currently is Sean’s distinctive day!! We experienced an brilliant working day taking in shipping and delivery chinese meals and Sean loved all of his provides & all of your birthday wishes! Many thanks so much for all our your messages – they signify so considerably to us – a great deal adore!!!
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22 thoughts on “Delivery Chinese Food items!!”

  1. It was nice to see Sean smile so big while opening his presents, glad he enjoyed his day! The Chinese looked so good, especially the sesame tofu, It's a weakness of mine! Lucy is always so adorable! (:

  2. Question: I hate to bring this up and make you guys go through it all again, but….when did you know Verdell needed to be put to sleep? How did you decide? When it is the right time? My mom's dog is sick, very sick and she is having a hard time with it all. What advice do you have for me that I can give to her?

  3. Sean, I'm so glad you got the ecard I made up for you. When I lived in a over 50 communitty while in St George, Utah, someone tried putting 90 candles on a birthday cake and set off the sprinklers and alarm. LOL! You're so welcome for the card. I had some sad news today.Our Pit Bull friend, Tripp, was taken to the vet to be put down. Jasper and I got to tell him good-bye. Again, happy birthday, Sean…..and hope you all have a great day!

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