Dem strategist: Special interest politics is a fact of life

Jessica Tarlov responds to latest Wikileaks revelation that a list of possible running mates for Hillary Clinton to choose from was divided into ‘food groups’ by the candidates’ race, gender and other attributes


30 thoughts on “Dem strategist: Special interest politics is a fact of life”

  1. Jessica Tarlov is a disgusting piece of maggot crap. She's not just a brainwashed leftist Looney socialist Marx's communist lowlife scumbag liberal hose-beast she's Pure Evil and I will really enjoy this year when Hillary Clinton goes to jail and this double speaking palsy mouth hore gets on her knees and sucks on Trump's magic love stick for the next seven years

  2. Wow no surprises from Wikileaks. How about the Democrats trying to over throw the Catholic religion with an Arab Spring, sponsored by Soros. I think that's kind of important!

  3. The question to ask yourself is "Has my Representative/Senator/President done anything for the betterment of me or my life?" If the answer is no then the choice is clear… TRUMP/PENCE! This is the whole problem with the government, special interest lobbyists.

  4. …..that look she gives after joking about Assange getting his internet "back in time" shows how depraved those people are, she KNOWS Hillary is a monster but will still do her job of manipulation and disinfo……

  5. Yes, thank you!! Most Americans are complete dumbasses. What planet are they on? This is how things get done, by special interests and lobbying—duhhhhhh!!!! How the fuck else is government suppose to be run?

  6. Corruption as usual….Clinton and her self righteousness libs got knocked off their high horse and now this lady is like "hey its par for the course for us to lie repeatedly about how we feel about everyone, including our friends"

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