Discovering OSLO & Ingesting Bizarre Norwegian Vietnamese Foods VLOG 4/5

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Kim and Jonas confirmed me Oslo setting up with the ski elevate, and we experienced some “banh mi” at xich lo that was unbelievable due to the fresh elements. Then we went to the opera property roof to see the downtown space. The skyline was basic breathtaking. Then we experienced some gentle Vietnamese snacks at Pass up Gin followed by a pre-Xmas time dinner of sheep’s head aka smalahove. That was my to start with time and it was also my previous time.

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First New music by Antti Luode.
Filmed with a Panasonic G7 14-140mm. 15mm
Audio from a Shure VP38F


42 thoughts on “Discovering OSLO & Ingesting Bizarre Norwegian Vietnamese Foods VLOG 4/5”

  1. I'm surprise Norway, Oslo is lot warmer than north America, Albany, NY, we're freezing to dead by December. nothing live by November 15, all dead, even grass n weed, real winter until late April 10 then spring co email to us, weed n trees n bushes start getting green n leaves too, but seem whether very beratic, it can be warm n very freezing next day I guess, lot colder than us in winter I bet.

  2. The Xich Lo restaurant you been to is the second restaurant to the one which located at Eger in Karl Johan which 15mins walk from the place you were at, the co-owner of the one you been to is french, so maybe that's why you can see some french products on their menu.

  3. yr friend, half Vietnamese is nice cute charm guy. next time i visit Norway n visit his father restaurant n he better give me handshakes n hug, hihihih. i don't see his mom side. i thought im afraid of cold, after been in north America so long, ive got used to it i guess especially i get healthier now due i eat healthy vegan food that my body can endure lot bad wheather throw at me, even better than locals n know how to live n thrive n adapt n have fun in cold region in creative than locals in asian way too. there's no traditional food eat seaweed, cabage, chives etc..? like north east asians, that's how asians survive n thrive in cold region better..

  4. now that you are settled back in the U.S….i think you should write a travel book on how to save money when deciding how to fly? save money on flights, hotel, food, etc…just tips from your experiences traveling…or some travel guide book. put it on amazon.

  5. so is there going to be a complete SuperBestFriends reunion tour? is nina next? then dresden for tien? then the nice folks in winnepeg… and is that sweetheart still in colorado?

  6. wish you posted these vlogs four weeks ago as I just came back from Oslo and Stockholm two weeks ago. walked by Xich Lo but did not come in.

  7. oslo in so the views beautifully in differences and so in bánh mì that salmon in so the tastes… yak 🙂

  8. hmm yeah Oslo had fun exploring that like some sort of thug tourist illegal camping on the hill riding my mountain bike around, i once cycled all the way UP to those jump ski ramps because i wanted to do downhill mountain biking on a downhill track somewhere over there, but arrived on a day it was closed, later rode up a second time >.<

  9. Hi I'm from Australia. And to me, Norway is a very beautiful country. Very different to the desert here. I prefer the cold and I would love to exchange citizenship with Kim, lolz.

  10. OMG! Wtf! Why?! No thank you! No sheep head for me. I don't believe in authentic food from wherever; I believe in delicious food whether it's authentic or fusion.

  11. Thank you Kim too for show us around Norway. It's a beautiful country and I would love to visit someday but not in the winter.

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