Distinct realms in the Universe


This is the abode of Lord Brahma, the progenitor of this materials universe. Listed here, there are some kinds of air-planes managed by mantra, not by any mechanical usually means. The citizens have intellect and intelligence, but no materials gross bodies. They sense compassion for these struggling in the lessen regions, but do not experience from worry, old age, or demise. At the time of last dissolution of the materials planets, the citizens below completely transform their delicate bodies into religious bodies and enter the everlasting Vaikuntha region or plane. Great yogis at last arrive at this maximum plant through the Milky Way, which is the ”highway” to this most elevated earth, wherever the period of existence is calculated as 15,480,000,000,000 Decades.


This is the abode of the 4 Kumaras named Sanat, Sanaka, Sanandana, and Sanatana. In this port of the universe, many good sages also reside due to their progression through religious austerity. The satisfaction out there to the citizens is inconceivable to us, as it is further than anything inside our encounter. When there is annihilation of the materials universe, the citizens below also completely transform their delicate bodies to religious and enter the religious world.


This earth, sill earlier mentioned the heavenly realms, is one more abode of good saints and sages. This region is populated by mystics, who transfer to better amounts, and ultimately completely transform their delicate bodies to religious, when the hearth of devastation consumes the materials belongings. These citizens can transfer among any region inside the materials universe as mystic “spacemen” at speeds unthinkable to us.


When thoroughly purified from materials need and contamination through sacrifice, penance, and charity, a single can arrive at the heavenly planes, and if progress further can go through the better orbits to arrive at Maharloka. The best of sages, this sort of as Bhrigu Muni, are living in this area. It is situated further than the “Sisumara”, which is the pivotal issue for the turning of the universe. State-of-the-art yogis arrive at this region and are living below for 4,300,000,000 solar many years. When the hearth of devastation pretty much achieved this region, the citizens transportation on their own to Satyaloka wherever they are living further prior to this maximum plateau of region is destroyed. They then completely transform their delicate bodies to religious and enter the religious realms.


In each materials universe is a single Vaikuntha region with an ocean of milk wherever Lord Vishnu resides on an island identified as Svetadvipa. This region is Dhruvaloka. Dwelling below are personalities entirely pure. In our universe, this earth is found as the polestar and is situated earlier mentioned the planes of the 7 Rishis. As it is a religious human body, it is everlasting and hence continues to be when all other planes inside the materials universes are destroyed. It is explained that this region is the pivot for the orbits of all materials stars and planets. All planets vacation at large speeds in orbit, which includes the solar, which travels 16,000 miles for each 2nd in its orbit all around Dhruvaloka. The planets of the seven sages are stars just down below this plane that also orbit Dhruvaloka. They are always concerned with the welfare of the residing entities inside this materials world and ship emissaries to bring religious information at a variety of times and situation.

Sanaischara (Saturn)

Saturn is regarded an inauspicious earth astrologically, as it gives distressing classes to us below on earth. It is situated 1,600,000 miles further than Jupiter and passes through a single indication of the zodiac each 30 months.

Brithaspati (Jupiter)

Jupiter is regarded the most auspicious heavenly earth and is generally regarded favorable astrologically, based on placement at the time of our births below on earth. It is a earth of devas, and situated 1,600,000 miles further than Mars.

Angaraka (Mars)

Mars is regarded to be a malefic earth, which generates deficiency of rainfall on earth and pretty much always is capable of generating unfavorable influences. It is situated 1,600,000 miles further than Mercury.

Buddha (Mercury)

Mercury is explained to be the son of the Moon and is 1,600,000 miles further than the earth Venus. As does Venus, it occasionally videos at the rear of the Sunshine, occasionally in entrance, and occasionally together with it. Generally the impact of Mercury is explained to be auspicious astrologically, except when not relocating with the Sunshine. At this sort of times, this earth will cause good storms on earth.

Beneath the better worlds, in the sky, are the residences of the Yakshas, Rakshashas, Pisachas, ghosts, and other ethereal beings. This realm extends as much as the wind blows and the clouds transfer in the sky.

Sukra (Venus)

Venus is regarded an auspicious and favourable earth. It is explained to bring rainfall, one more reason for it getting regarded auspicious to sustain existence on earth.

Chandraloka (Moon)

The Moon is a single of the 4 really crucial residences of the demigods. All those who worship the demigods. All those who worship the demigods through sacrifice aimed at good materials satisfaction are promoted to the Moon. Listed here the celestial, intoxicating beverage identified as “soma” is out there. It is not achievable to enter into or even see the true heavenly dimensions of this earth with our current human eyes. The Moon passes through the total zodiac in approximately a single thirty day period. He influences the growth of vegetation and hence regarded the existence-giver for all residing beings on earth.

Surya (Sunshine)

The Sunshine is the resources of mild and warmth for our universe. Contemporary science considers many stars also to be Suns, but in the vedic literature, they are regarded to be planets of different materials components, (not the centre, as is the Sunshine). Surya, the solar god, is regarded an enlargement of Lord Narayana (a form of Lord Vishnu). Sunshine controls the seasons below on earth. It is situated among Bhuloka and Bhuvarloka, rotating through the time-circle of the zodiac. Yogis practicing Hatha or Ashtanga yoga, or these undertaking agnihotra sacrifices, worship the Sunshine form their profit. The demigods belonging to the Sunshine region have bodies produced of hearth, needed for existence below.


Rahu is explained to be an invisible earth, which is situated 80,000 miles down below the Sunshine. It will cause solar and lunar eclipses, as Rahu, together with Ketu, are the North and South nodes of the Moon respectively.

Siddhaloka, Caranaloka, & Vidyadharaloka

These regions are 80,000 miles down below Rahu. The citizens of these regions are born with purely natural mystic powers, which includes the capacity to fly with out mechanical usually means, even to other planets. They have all the mystic siddhis, and getting materially best beings can control gravity, time, and house. Their arts, culture, and sciences are much remarkable to the information possessed by us below as in the earthly realm.

Yakshaloka & Rakshashaloka

Beneath these better plateau in the sky identified as “antariksha”, are the residences of the Yakshas, Rakshashas, Pisachas, ghost, below the other etheral beings. This realm extends as much as the wing blows and clouds are in the sky. Earlier mentioned this there is no air.

All the regions in the materials world will, in study course of time, be annihilated. This annihilation of the materials world is the specific reverse of the system of creation. Almost everything in the end rests inside the Supreme Complete.

Bhu-mandala (Middle Earth)

The planetary programs of the center of the earth (Bhumandala or Bhuloka) are abodes of both criteria of residing this sort of as we get pleasure from on our earth, as nicely as some heavenly abodes, wherever residing getting could “stop” on the way to, or from, births in the heavenly planetary programs. There are seven planetary programs, which are divided by seven oceans. The names of the planetary programs are Jambu, plaksha, Salmali, kusha, Krauncha, Shaka, and Pushkara. Just about every system is twice as big as the a single previous it, and each ocean among the programs are produced respectively of salt drinking water, sugarcane juice, liquor, ghee, milk, emulsified yogurt, and sweat drinking water.

Bhumandala is formed like a lotus flower and the seven planetary programs are in the whorl of the lotus. The radius of Bhumandala extends as much as the sunshine, and the restrictions of our vision below to see the stars and moon. As the solar glow reaches from a distance of 93,000,000 miles, this is the radius of the plane of the Bhumandala.

Decrease Regions

Below the earth are seven other programs identified as Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, and Patala. These lessen planes are the similar size as the earth and start out 560,000 miles down below earth. Sunshine does not arrive at these spots. These regions are populated by individuals of good power and opulence, nonetheless of demoniac consciousness, who have achieved below through austerity aimed at materials satisfaction with out religious growth. They do not turn out to be old and diseased and worry only the time element, which in the end ought to destroyed their abodes. Thus they are presented the identify of “bilasvarge”, or subterranean heavenly planets.

The residence below get pleasure from a regular of materials convenience far more opulent then even the better planets, due to their desires for large criteria of sensual satisfaction wealth, and impact. The citizens are regarded as Daityas, Danavas, and Nagas and are all engaged in illusory materials satisfaction with no imagined of religious liberation. There are amazing feats of architecture in their metropolitan areas bedecked with useful jewels in residences, gardens, compounds, etc. All citizens drink juices and bathe in organic elixirs, which cost-free them from any nervousness or physical sickness, as nicely as any sigh of physical aging. The visual natural beauty of these artificial heavens surpasses that of the better planets and this sensual ambiance entirely seize the intellect, enabling no views but these directed toward sensual enjoyment and pleasure. Due to the fact time is not divided into times and night due to sunshine NOT reaching these planets, they have no worry created by time. Only at the time of dissolution do nervousness and worry consume them.

Narakaloka, the Hell

Beneath the patalaloka, and a little bit earlier mentioned the drinking water of the Garbhodaka ocean, are the Narakalokas, or the hell. These regions suggest of diverse levels of struggling for these who ought to endure existence there. Listed here on earth, we can see many hellish situation of struggling for people, but practically nothing like what is experienced on these planets. They are explained to be a area of rectification for these who commit the most abominable steps though residing as humans on the earthly plane. Despite the fact that existence below would seem like it goes on for an eternity, in true truth the period of one’s “karmic sentence” below could be only seconds or times. There are 28 diverse hellish planets described in the Vedic literatures. These descriptions of the materials creation, as nicely as the religious planets, could be uncovered in various Vedic literatures to a much better depth.

All of the planetary programs in the materials world will, in study course of time, be annihilated. This annihilation takes area in two approaches. Partial annihilation occurs each 4,300,000,000 solar many years, or at the close of each working day on Satyaloka. This extends from the hellish regions through all lessen planetary programs up to the heavenly planets. The maximum regions are not annihilated at this time. The total cosmic manifestation is wound up in the common form of God each 8,600,000,000x30x12x100 solar many years. The religious world, which is in no way annihilated, simply just absorbs the materials creation. It is described that prior to the destruction, there is no rain for hundreds of many years all the things dries up and dies due to steady sunshine. The sum gets to be 12 times as highly effective as was previously. Then there are horrendous rains that take in all the things into drinking water. The mortal bodies of residing entities, which includes all vegetation, merge into the earth. The earth merges into its delicate sensation of fragrance. Fragrance merges into drinking water, and drinking water merges into its good quality of style. That style merges into hearth, which merges into form. Type merges into contact and contact into ether. Ether at last merges into the sensation of sound. The senses all merge into their origins, the presiding devas and demigods, then they merge into the managing intellect which merges into ego in the manner of goodness. Audio gets to be a single with ego in the manner of ignorance, and ego (the initially of all the physical components), merges into the whole character. The whole materials character dissolves into the modes (goodness, passion, and ignorance). These modes then merge into the unmanifest form of character, and that unmanifest form merges into time. Time merges into the Supreme Godhead, current as Maha Vishnu, the first creator of the cosmic manifestation. The origin of all existence merges into God, the unborn Supreme Soul, who continues to be a single with out a 2nd, and from whom all creation and annihilation takes area. This annihilation of the system of creation. Almost everything in the end rests inside the Supreme Complete.

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