Do Chinese People Go Out For American Food?

Watch my Chinese wife try the hottest pepper in the world! – She didn’t have a good time!

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Do Chinese people eat American food?
In America, many of us go out for Chinese food. However, Chinese food in America is very different and lacking in diversity in comparison to the actual Chinese food in China. So the question is, do Chinese people go for American food? Yes! In fact they do. However, in China it is called “western food”. They lump all countries together, so Japanese food, Indian food, American food, Italian food, is all “western food”

Watch and see what my experience is here in China.

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31 thoughts on “Do Chinese People Go Out For American Food?”

  1. ask for creme for your coffee in Starbucks in China, and they don't know what the huck you're talking about. Even my born & raised in China friend who lived in North America 20 years and totally fluent in Chinese and English tried to explain, and they still didn't have a clue what cream for coffee was.

  2. I have worked with internationals for over 30 years. My Indian friends always brought their own home-cooked (Indian) lunches. My Chinese friends always brought their own home-cooked (Chinese) lunches. I've never seen either group experiment with food. I love Indian and Chinese food, but I also love Mexican, Italian and African food.

  3. And to add, they are not "western buffet", it's just buffet trying to cater to all customers' preference. The one in your video is Grand Hyatt near Mixc City

  4. Dude, Asian foods are not considered "western food"… People in China call them japanese food (ri liao), korean, thai, vietnamese, taiwanese and all that, just like they would call northeastern (dong bei), sichuan, cantonese… Even middle eastern are called for their respective country such as indian. "Western food" are usually referred to food with western european and american such as burgers, steaks, italian and such.

  5. The reason to have food from western restaurants is because the western food in China actually taste like Chinese food…..not to show off …you know nothing

  6. Actually what is hilarious is because prez zee or pee is mad at Canada for arresting , on behalf of the USA , Meng from Hawaei electronics the Chinese banned Canadian meat imports.Ha Ha Ha . Our food quality is a thousand light years ahead of the Chinese and they send us crap that tests positive for glass and metal and chemicals etc. You're hilarious China. Just hilarious.

  7. Showing "face" I get it, it's like this restaurant that was a thing when I was a kid in Hawaii in the 1970s, the "LaRonde" which was this flying saucer shaped thing on top of the Ala Moana building. It actually rotated, about one rotation per hour or 1/2 hour. There were 5 of us kids, so my parents were big on buffets and we went to a few there. I guess the food was OK but the only memorable meal I can think of was when there seemed to be a heavily Eastern European crowd and the buffet had weird organ meats like "sweetbreads". The main thing was, you were going to the LaRonde!

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