Eating At The WORST Reviewed Chinese Restaurant In My City

Comment with a Chinese Restaurant that you will NEVER eat at again!! THIS IS THE ONE FOR ME!!! Uggghhhh

Watch, “Eating at the BEST Reviewed Chinese Restaurant”

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28 thoughts on “Eating At The WORST Reviewed Chinese Restaurant In My City”

  1. here is the issue with those places and their websites that you mentioned look at the food and color and all…and i am saying this as a webmaster….the websites are just a glorified menu in MOST restaurants cases…many food places, use a online ordering system website program…its like go daddy but for food..its a pre picked templet with pre loaded and selected pictures for certain menu items…so they dont have to cook the food for it to look that way, a picture did it for them…but ppl order and think wow this looks good..and looks like a bowl of mud with a dash of loss money one spent. BUT restaurant owners will use those sites cuz its cheap! 5 % commission on online ordering! thats it. so it does all, takes the order, the money shows the food..its no work pretty much on their behalf…as a webmaster i charge very cheap…40 a month to run and host it for example..and i PRIDE myself and the establishment on taking their time to take good pictures and display it for their examples of food on the menu….but places do not want to pay money to do things not all places are like this or others…but its part of the problem or issue with how food looks compared to a pic on a online menu. or even how one may think it is suppose to be and base flavor on that.

  2. The texture or crispiness or hardness of any food doesn't really matter when you use those super crappy plastic forks that they give you at EVERY chinese food restaurant. Those things bend just trying to pick up rice!

  3. In my town (Clinton Mass.) we have 3 Chinese restaurants, Clinton Gourmet, Lucky house and Fung Wong, if you come here Clinton Gourmet is the ONLY one you should go to, the other two are like the place he reviewed just TERRIBLE for real and I have been to the other two a bunch of times, I tried to give them a chance and just…NOPE. Clinton gourmet is on POINT and I have brought friends from CHINA there and they said their food is absolutely legit! It's also one of the few restaurants where I know I can order anything off the menu and I know I'm going to like it.

  4. That rice should be a dead giveaway that this restaurant don't give a damn.
    In my country if someone serves you a blocky tough rice on a plate let alone in a paper carton then that's an insult and you should just stop there and leave just leave.
    If the rice didn't give you constipation then the rest of the meal set will and then some.

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