Edventure in Asia Ep02 Singapore

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Edward Kwon’s second destination for ‘edventure’ is Singapore, the heaven of fusion food.
He was invited as a Celebrity Chef to WGC, a world famous food festival, and successfully hosted a celebrity dinner show serving more than 150 epicures.
After the event, he meets with Justin Quek, a world class singaporian chef, and learns his secrets of top edge Singaporian fusion cuisine.
He also gets to experience multi-cultural aspect of many different Singaporian cuisine including Arabic, Chinese, Indian, and Peranakan.
After his journey is over, what will be his new fusion dish incoporated with the taste of Signapore.

에드워드 권의 두 번째 행선지 퓨전음식의 천국 싱가포르.
세계적인 음식축제인 WGS에 초대받은 그는 음식기행에 나서기 전에, 먼저 150명의 미식가들에게 코스요리를 선보이는 셀레브러티 디너 행사를 성공적으로 치루어낸다.
행사를 마친 후, 그는 싱가포르의 세계적인 셰프 저스틴 퀙(Justin Quek)에게 요리를 배우고, 다민족 국가 싱가포르의 음식에 대해 깊이 알기 위해 아랍거리, 중국거리, 인도거리 등 독특한 다문화거리를 직접 체험한다.
우연히 현지 관광객들의 추천으로 찾아간 페라나칸 레스토랑에서는 독특한 퓨전국수를 맛본 후, “최고”라며 찬사를 아끼지 않았는데…
과연 에드워드 권은 싱가포르에서의 경험을 어떤 새로운 요리로 승화시켜낼 것인가?


8 thoughts on “Edventure in Asia Ep02 Singapore”

  1. yup you all right..tht restaurant look pretty new..n chef claim tht fish head curry only found in Singapore..damn..that totally wrong…it had been found in Malaysia for long time,even before there r any civilization in Singapore..tht the truth…n i believe even earlier in India..coz spice come from there..

  2. Bloody fool, no fish head is thrown away in India, even the liver, fish floats, every bit of the innards, gill rakers, fish frames, are eaten and relished. Moronic fool pretending to be an expert of Indian customs, the Tamil Muslim clown here.

  3. It is quite wrong that FISH HEAD CURRY is not found in INDIA. It is VERY common fare in West Bengal and Bangladesh, cooked in MANY versions, in mung dal, with cabbage, with puffed rice, with basella alba, with Dillenia, with tamarind and jaggery, and so many other ways. Please do your research. IT is called MAACHER MATHA in  Bangla, MUDIR GHONTO, and many other specific names. Why spread ignorance about Indian food when you know nothing?

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