Enjoy Your Food

"The joy you feel is life" Greg Anderson

We enjoy food and we enjoy having meal with friends and family.
Why should we deprive ourselves of such simple pleasures?
I am not ashamed to admit I like to eat and I enjoy the food I eat.
I like to prepare a meal, it is a pleasure to all my senses, the smells in the kitchen are pleasures to my nostrils and the results are a real fever to the palate.

I am not stating my love for food to excite you on the subject of cooking. I am mentioning it because eating should be a delightful experience.

There is no logical reason why there should be so many kinds of fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts if we were not invited to eat them, enjoy their taste and be grateful for Mother Nature miracles.

I believe the problem is more what we eat and how we eat.

We do not eat anymore mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. We eat too much refined and processed foods. All this refinements and processing strip the nutrients from the food. Most of the goodness of our food is gone.

Raw foods are richer in nutrients, especially organically grown fruits and vegetables. Cooking at high temperature destroy some of the nutrients such as enzymes and vitamins.

I do not believe in diets where you need to count calories and starve yourself. Without you have a power of steel, this is doomed to failure.

It is against human nature, even your body will rebel.

I do not believe in stuffing ourselves either. Food portions should be moderate. Quality food rich in nutrients will satisfy our appetite and will boost our energy.

Crash diets are messing with our metabolism.

This is the largest mistake to avoid if you wish to lose weight.

Our body is very efficient and very sophisticated.
If the body feels that the quantity and the quality of the food we eat is not sufficient for its daily functions, it will automatically adjust itself and the body will presume starvation time has arrived.
Because food is in short supply the body will slow down its metabolism. The body will store fat for lean times. The body will shift to survival mode.
It will use less calories and burn less fat.

You will achieve exactly the opposite result than you hoped for because your body will adapt to the lower food intake. Until proper quantity and quality of food is ateen, the lower calorie diet will become the norm.
Your body will fight back and will not permit any weight loss.

Why are not most diets giving any permanent results?
From my experience diets:

  • Lack the proper nutrients which food should provide to satisfy your hunger and feed your body.
  • Do not address the psychological side of weight loss.
  • Lack self motivation.
  • Do not correct our eating habits.
  • They can be very frustrating.

It should be a holistic approach. It should nourish both our body and our soul. While our body size decreases not only our body size changes but we as a person change as well. It is a body and mind change. It should be a life style change.

We need to fuel our body with proper food.

Our body needs food rich in nutrients, the nutrients that feed our cells, the nutrients that will help heal our body of any deficiency.
We need to enjoy our food and to nourish our body at the same time.

We need a balanced nutrition that avoids refined and processed foods.

We need more fresh vegetables, whole food and grains.

We need food grown without chemicals and pesticides, without hormones and antibiotics.

We need fresh fish rich in omega-3.

We need fresh lean meat, organically grown if possible.

Before starting any weight loss program, it would be wise to visit a health professional and make a few tests to check if you have any nutrients deficiency or any hormone imbalance or any other health issue that could have the reason of your weight gain.


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