Environmentally friendly Eggs and Ham

Green eggs and ham recipe using matcha powder to turn the scrambled eggs green.

Inexperienced Eggs and Ham is arms down my favorite Dr. Seuss e-book, and 1 of my favorite children’s tales of all time. In case you want a refresher it’s a delightfully basic book composed with just 50 phrases in iambic tetrameter. The entire tale is conveyed through dialog between the character Sam and an unnamed counterpart who’s hesitant to consider Sam’s inexperienced eggs and ham. Ultimately, the counterpart relents to Sam’s tenacious rhyming onslaught and agrees to try out the environmentally friendly eggs and ham… and it turns out he likes them.

Scrambled green egg whites and ham uses matcha powder to turn the eggs green.
Scrambled inexperienced eggwhites and ham makes use of matcha powder to flip the eggs inexperienced.

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Working day and making an attempt anything you may possibly instinctively rebuff, I believed I’d give this fictional traditional a go. I don’t use foods coloring in my meals, so creating the eggs eco-friendly was a basic option between adding spinach powder or matcha. Matcha finished up currently being my choice, simply because apart from the superb inexperienced coloration, the grassy matcha properly balances the creamy eggs, and as a reward, you get a enhance from the caffeine in the tea.

I know the ham is meant to be green as well, but I could not consider of a excellent way to pull this 1 off with out breaking my no foodstuff coloring rule. If you guys have any suggestions, go away a comment, and I may possibly try it following yr. For now, I’ll leave you with a paraphrased verse from the basic:

You must cook dinner them
In a pan
You could prepare dinner them
In Japan

Green Eggs and HamEnvironmentally friendly Eggs and Ham is palms down my favored Dr. Seuss guide, and a single of my preferred children’s stories of all time. In scenario you need to have a refresher it is a delightfully simple ebook created with just 50 terms in iambic tetrameter. The entire story is conveyed through dialog amongst the character Sam and an unnamed … Carry on reading “Green Eggs and Ham”Marc Matsumoto


  • CourseBrunch
  • DelicaciesAmerican
  • Produce2 servings
  • Cooking Time2 minutes
  • Preperation Timefive minutes
  • Total Timeseven minutes



egg whites

1 tablespoon


one/eight teaspoon


one teaspoon

matcha powder

1 tablespoon


2 pieces

of thick reduce ham


  1. Egg whites and cream in a glass bowl on a white counter, for green eggs and ham.

    Include the egg whites, cream and salt to a bowl.

  2. Green matcha powder sprinkled on egg whites and cream in a glass bowl.

    Sift the matcha powder into the egg whites.

  3. Green scrambled eggs in a glass bowl on a white counter.

    Whisk to integrate evenly, so there are no lumps of matcha remaining (a hand blender will make this less difficult).

  4. In a non-adhere pan above medium-low warmth, melt the butter, and swirl to coat the pan.


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