Exceptional Nasi Padang at Geylang Serai Marketplace Foods Centre

Geylang Serai industry and foodstuff centre is a wonderful location to consume Nasi Padang and other Malay and Indonesian food items in Singapore. Get a lot more aspects right here:

Geylang Serai is a soaked industry and foodstuff hawker center that is regarded in Singapore for having a large concentration of Malay and Indonesian foodstuff readily available, and I consider most of the stalls are halal. You’ll locate all sorts of various matters to consume at the foodstuff courtroom area, like biryani, a number of nasi Padang curry stalls, and a lot of other dishes. I came to the hawker center specifically for the Nasi Padang, and I preferred to check out a location known as Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang.

The good thing is when I arrived, the line to consume at Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang, was not far too prolonged, so I jumped in line and I was shortly buying my plate of Nasi Padang. A meal of nasi Padang is initially from Padang in Sumatra, but since Singapore is so geographically shut to Sumatra, the dishes from Padang area extremely well-liked and there are a lot of Sumatrans residing in Singapore. Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang is regarded for serving some of the finest Nasi Padang in the town, and so I was joyful to consume there.

Prior to digging into my rice and curry, I begun off with some satays from Alhambra satay. Regretably, the satays had been way far too sweet for me and form of dried out.

But fortunately, the Nasi Padang produced up for the satays. I got some jackfruit curry, chili eggplant, and the principal dish, beef rendang, a famed variety of curry produced with coconut and a lot of aromatic spices. Together with a variety of various sambal chili sauces, it was an exceptionally plate of curry and rice, Padang model.

If you are on the lookout for excellent Indonesian foodstuff and Malay foodstuff in Singapore, Geylang Serai Marketplace and Foods Centre is a wonderful location to be.

Handle: #02-137, Geylang Serai Marketplace & Foods Centre
Open up hrs: 9 am – 10:30 pm day by day, but closed two months on Monday and Thursday
Prices: It depends on how a lot of dishes you just take, but my plate was $7 SGD
How to get there: Consider the MRT to Paya Lebar, and the foodstuff centre is just a 10 moment wander from there.


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25 thoughts on “Exceptional Nasi Padang at Geylang Serai Marketplace Foods Centre”

  1. The peanut sauce is definitely not Indonesian. The rice cake is not only Indonesian's, Malaysian's is identical too. If there cumin aroma, it is definitely not Indonesian Satay.

  2. Malay is not malaysian, malay is Indonesia, Indo means mix, malay is one of the founder of Indonesian nation.. so Malay is identical with Indonesia.

  3. Being a Singaporean who loves nasi Padang, man I've never had geylang serai nasi padang, my Fav one is at Stirling road. I'm definitely gonna go try them. Thank you!

  4. Alhambra satay is my fave satay. Always go to the stall whenever i'm at geylang serai. The mutton satay the meat is so tender and juicy.

  5. ohhhh i think he is a great critic … cos unlike other food critics he gives us the chance to guess how the food is … if his head swings … its really good … if he says ahh its awesome … its average … but once he comes out of the restaurant … he always tells how he felt about the food . he is just very polite … respects the time tht each people take to prepare the food he eats… Ramsay is not to be compared with him .. thats a different level .. and i love both of them for their criticism in adiff level.

  6. nasi padang njiiirr…mantep tuh rendangnya. kalo makan nasi padang emang ga cukup satu lauk, kudu commit gak takut lemak hahaa…gua sekali pesen pasti pake rendang dan ayam goreng lengkap dengan gule nangka dan daun singkong..kalo lagi ada duit lebih bisa tambah perkedel atau telor dadar..mantap broh, beruntung gua jadi orang indonesa

  7. The "Rice Cake" is actually called Lontong in Indonesia, it basically rice rolled in banana leaf, steamed with boiling water for about 90 minutes.

  8. $5 for a meal in Indonesia? that's is nothing in developed countries but I think that would be quite expensive for average indonesians. Anyone can clarify question?

  9. Demerit points for serving the rice cakes with plastic casings. Either serve it in woven palm leaves or leave it out.

  10. the "hmmmmm" is different compared to when he ate street satay in Indonesia, he doesnt really like it i think lol

  11. dude youre a huge fan of spices and chili, thats why you really love indonesian food, well a little chill wont hurt anybody haha

  12. I love all the different food in your plate. I just wish that we have really good restaurants of Thai and Singapore cuisine here in the states. I live in California but all the dishes I've seen are not being served here.

  13. 60% of comments are about the Nasi Padang originating in Indonesia or Malaysia
    10% are talking about how Ying is a "poor" Wife that deserves some extra love
    10% praising mark about what he does
    10% asking mark to go visit other countries and trying their food
    10% others

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