Junk Food in China|China Uncensored

McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut … China is filling out with American junk food. And also their waists filling in also! China is the gold, deep-fried fleece of American organisation and also couple of markets have actually been as effective as the junk food market. And also the important things McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Poultry, and also Pizza Hut have actually done to bring in Chinese consumers with Chinese passionate meals will certainly blow you away.

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36 thoughts on “Junk Food in China|China Uncensored”

  1. That is just pure grief. KFC also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. It's supposed to be kicking from Kentucky, right? So tell me exactly what does Kentucky know about Chinese food? But I suppose it's Tit for Tat because from what I understand Chinese food that we have in America Bears little resemblance to real Chinese food. Much like a so-called Japanese Steakhouse. What serves food that only very superficially resemble Japanese Cuisine. It is my understanding The Hibachi style prepared food is not a Japanese thing.

  2. Not true actually in Taiwan Mc Donald’s has both squat and western toilets. So not all the Mc Donald’s in the world have only western toilets.(And I’m not saying Taiwan is part of China)

  3. US never contribute the world but its call earning money in business. Contribute means giving without thinking of making money!
    US did not give freedom, its these companies own policy that never relevant to US. The contract signed is to make money, not contribute and whatever your so biased remarks to other countries.

  4. Chinas CCP – Chinese Communist Party is trying to destroy all companies, so that all people will buy Chinese food instead, which by the way is fake and poisonous. Karma is happening to all companies going to bed with China. We will no longer buy from any companies who is in business with China or buys materials from China.

  5. Omg I can't believe that you run comments on foods, drinks, air, education, Internet….. All aspects of lifestyle in China.
    But you fail to dent the progress of China.
    Get use to Chris you are nothing but a sour grape.

  6. I will ALWAYS love McDonald's! I have a chronic stress-related puking problem, and a hamburger with Mac sauce is literally the only thing that fixes my stomach on bad days. I have no idea why.

    Also, man, I miss that music at the end of all of these old episodes. These give me nostalgia of when I first subscribed. 🙂

  7. !"&/   IMPORTANT, READ IT   $£"$"
    there are a lot of non-english people that watch China Uncensored's videos because they are very interesting and you can't see these info in other youtube channels.
    the problem is this= for a lot of non-english people understand these videos is difficult because we can't hear the word we don't know.
    so could you put in your videos the english subtitles so that we will understand much better, please?
    and could you readers give me a lots of likes so that he will watch this comment and maybe put the subtitles, please?
    please give me a like this is very important!!!!

  8. Been to KFC ,Pizza hut, and Mc Donalds in China.Wish I could get some of the Asian market specialties here,damn I loved the Curry Mutton Pizza in Zhuhai! Otherwise the normal items…Meh, the same. Weirdest fast food item I saw in Asia? Corn flavored. soft serve cones in Manila(OK, not China, but hey)……. Manila seems to be infatuated with corn. There was even a booth at a mall food court selling buttered corn kernels in cups.Prices were still less than the normal American locations. Consider that local food in China is unbelievably cheap,and "expensive" isn't necessarily so to the average Amrican abroad.

  9. 我觉得吧,一个不会说中文的人更可以中肯的了解中国,中立的评述中国,我们需要更多的这样的人帮我们提意见,发表看法

  10. Its very true, I do often see more heffers on a walk outside everyday in china. I just don't understand how they maintain that size if they are walking around

  11. Here's the weird thing since you mention survivors of the famine. Most likely, famine survivors are those who can store more energy (read: fat) in their bodies. There is scientific evidence to show this, and it was an evolutionary advantage during pre-agricultural times. For this reason, rising obesity is not a fluke and could at least be partly contributed by genetics.

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