Feeding on Scottish Foodstuff and Scottish Cuisine in Edinburgh, Scotland

With an option to expend over a 7 days in Edinburgh, Scotland we were capable to sample a broad spread of Scottish foodstuff and consume Scottish delicacies. Our initial meal was Haggis, a countrywide dish of Scotland, which is a savory pudding manufactured with sheep’s pluck (coronary heart, liver and lungs) with neeps and tatties. We washed that down with a Warm Toddy – a concoction of whiskey, lemon and honey. I had reservations about this dish but astonishingly promptly liked it!

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How could we pay a visit to Scotland and not consider a deep-fried chocolate bar? We began off initial with a deep-fried mars bar and then experimented with a deep-fried snicks and a deep-fried twix. The melted chocolate and deep-fried goodness was an fast hit with our at any time discerning taste buds.

We adopted up with a taste take a look at of several Scottish snacks and junk foodstuff:

1) Irn Bru (a fizzy consume that wasn’t a huge hit for us)
2) Mackie’s of Scotland’s Haggis and cracked black pepper flavored chips (Scottish crisps) I really like these chips!
3) Crabbie’s Ginger Beer – it was scrumptious!
4) Butterscotch chocolate – yum! How could you not like chocolate?
5) Scottish shortbread cookies – astonishingly tasty!
6) Pill – I liked it but Audrey hated it

General I liked:

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Haggis crisps, Ginger beer, Butterscotch chocolate, Scottish shortbread cookies, tablet and deep-fried Mars bar.

I failed to like the subsequent:

Irn Bru

This is component of our Vacation in Scotland collection. We are producing a collection of movies showcasing Scottish lifestyle, Scottish arts, Scottish foods, Scottish faith and Scottish folks.

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All pictures and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).


32 thoughts on “Feeding on Scottish Foodstuff and Scottish Cuisine in Edinburgh, Scotland”

  1. As for the IRN brew it is normally called IRON brew. Just because it was called Ginger Beer it may not have been alcoholic as here in the U.K we call Fizzy Ginger by the same name

  2. I'm leading a very special fishing tour of Scotland in May. Thanks so much for the tips and humor!

  3. and nobody really eats deep fried mars bars in Scotland apart from "neds" (non educated delinquents)  what we do eat in batter is Haddock, Haggis, Black Pudding and Smoked Sausage

  4. Love it – really glad you got a wide selection of Scottish food and drink to taste. Haggis is simply awesome – I eat it at least once a week!!! LOL. You should try the sugar-free version of Irn Bru (it's pronounced Iron Brew by the way) which is far nicer. Having said that, the one you tried is the best hangover cure ever!!!

  5. hah u bought the deep fried chocolate demon , and hide in alley whilst devouring it …. not so unismilar to what we do XD , P.S. I have never had one , ur all idiots and heroes

  6. The fried mars bar is strictly a tourist thing by the way. I know only a few people who have ever tasted one and that's just a one-time thing.

  7. They said England don't have good food but I misunderstand it as Great Britain don't have good food . That's the stereotype , right?

  8. I enjoyed your video! Its really amusing how on many of these videos when Americans try Irn bru (pronounced "Iron Brew"" that nearly all who try it dont understand that its flavour is "irn bru" and its not based on anything else like fruit!
    Anyway,keep up the good work!

  9. Awesome video! I'm planning a trip to Scotland this spring and was wondering if you guys have any tips of where to stay/ must see sights. Thanks!

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