Five Reasons You Must Visit Hong Kong

1. Easy Access and World's Best Airport

You must visit Hong Kong if you plan to travel China. Hong Kong is a major transportation hub in Asia and is a gateway to China. It is extremely easy to find your way here. There are daily direct flights connecting Hong Kong to major cities in Europe and N. America. Boeing long-range aircraft 747, 767, 763 are widely used.

Here are some flight durations (non-stop) for your reference. From New York is 16Hr20m, London is 11Hr45m, Sydney is 9Hr20m and Tokyo is 4Hr45m.

Once you land in Hong Kong, you must be convinced by its customer services and efficiency in immigration and customs checks. Hong Kong Airport is voted the World's Best Airport from 2001-2005 (Skytrax online survey).

2. Great Choices of Accommodation

You must visit Hong Kong because you are able to find an accommodation that suits your need, whether luxury, budget or something in between. For luxury holiday makers, Hong Kong has almost all the world famous 5-star hotels – Grand Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, Four Seasons, many more to name.

If you travel on a budget, Hong Kong Youth Hostel Association operates many hostels at very attractive rates. A friend of mine told me she was able to book a bed for HK $ 80 per night. However she had to share a room with some others. If you have four in your group, you can book a 4-bed room at HK $ 400 (US $ 50) per night. Quite a good deal!

3. Gourmets' Paradise

You must visit Hong Kong if you love Chinese food. Hong Kong culinary market is dominated by Cantonese food, one of the yummiest all Chinese food. Cantonese food is world famous for its simple cooking method and fresh ingredients used. A seafood dinner is a must. Try a steam live fish. It is a life-time experience. Nowhere else in the world people will cook fish in the same manner however so delicious. A dim sum lunch / breakfast is also a must. This has become the life style of Hong Kongers, Chinese and foreigners alike.

Hong Kong is not only famous for Cantonese food. You can find any other Chinese food here and any other kind of food from all over the world.

Hong Kong is a place you can eat whenever you want to. There are shops opening round the clock. You would never be hungry here.

4. Shoppers' Paradise

You must visit Hong Kong if you want to buy luxury goods at the lowest price. Genuine luxury brands like LV, Prada, Corum, Burberrys and many other world famous designers' branded products are sold at unbeatable prices. In many cases, these shops are crowded and even with a waiting line.

Hong Kong is also a place where you can buy the trendiest everything with the lowest price in the world – mobile phone, computer, digital camera, electronics, fashion and accessories etc. You must be convinced by the wide range of choices and their low prices.

5. Most Beautiful Night View and Skyline

You must visit Hong Kong if you are not impressed by any other night views you've seen.

The Intercontinental Lobby Lounge is included in the book 1,000 Places To See Before You Die. Would it be over rated? No, it is not, because it is one of the best places to view the beautiful Hong Kong skyline at night.

Hong Kong at night is stunning for many reasons. Beautiful buildings are highly condensed with layers of colors spreading from the harbor up to the peak. You can take a panoramic view from distance. Or you can ride on Star Ferry to have a close look.

Hong Kong skyline contributes to the beauty of Hong Kong day and night. Numerous beautifully designed buildings line up on the Island side of the world famous Victoria Harbor. They are lit up with well designed color schemes that make the night view of Hong Kong extremely stunning. Hong Kong at night is an incredible experience of your China travel.


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