Food Delivery in Korea – Wilderman Weekends #2

Me ordering delivery food in Korea. I order Ddukbaegi Bulgogi (뚝배기 불고기) and Kimchi Mandu (김치 만두).

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25 thoughts on “Food Delivery in Korea – Wilderman Weekends #2”

  1. Hey Eric, If I were to order something from a Korean resturant, what do you reccomend me getting (I know I sound weird, but I dont like rice nor carrot)

  2. I really like these kind of video's. It's fun to know how stuff works in Korea. I want to see so many places and I'm always amazed by what I see in your video's.
    I hope you will keep making such vids (in the present since this is an "old" one)
    Opening the door is so funny XD.

  3. im wondering how long it took for the delivery to arrive? ive known korea for its fast food delivery but they never really talk about how much minutes it takes for the order to arrive. anyways, nice video! thanks for making this

  4. Okay, so what would you recommend for someone who doesn't eat sushi, most seafoods, seaweed? Someone more of a meat and potatoes, sometimes onions and carrots, kinda person?

    And what does kimchi taste like? I cant find any info on the taste.

  5. For some of your weekend videos you should teach us some Korean. Like say the word and have the word in both Korean and English on the screen. Nothing major, maybe standard phrases like Hi, how are you?, and goodbye.

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