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My everyday living altered when I found out foods shipping and delivery in China – primarily, I got a little bit lazier, but it really is just so less difficult and you can find a ton of delicious western and Chinese food stuff accessible. Some of the food items just isn’t even attainable to get except you purchase it by a single of China’s meals shipping apps. Correct now, there are 2 that are quite preferred: and Mei Tuan Wai Mai. I desire Meituan Waimai, and I breakdown how to use it in this video. I am going to display you how to set up a profile, how to purchase foods, and I’ll even try to follow the shipping driver from the restaurant to my residence. This is the online video you want to watch if you want to find out how to get meals sent in China.

Mei Tuan Wai Mai can be downloaded in this article:

When mounted, follow the instructions in the movie to setup a profile that consists of your handle for fast shipping and delivery.

Tune in Tuesdays and Thursdays at about 3PM EST for new films, like my sequence Chengdu: Metropolis of Gastronomy ( where I randomly decide on a card that has a Sichuan dish on it and I strike the city to obtain it and check out it. You will find so much great food stuff in Chengdu, Asia’s very first ever metropolis to be named a UNESCO Metropolis of Gastronomy.

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24 thoughts on “Foods Shipping in China – Life Just Received Less complicated // This is China”

  1. i`m a meituan delivery guy in china .If some bad temper guys find you are following him ,he probably punching you if you are nor foreigners .just kinding 。

  2. Ok, now this jus feel like im a creepy stalker, OR im bored, seeings this is my 4th post tonite on your channel. But THIS VIDEO WAS HILARIOUS!! Sooo funny. You tell Sarah, she married a GENIUS, A FUNNY ODD, DRY HUMORED GENIUS!

  3. forget 饿了吗and美团,use 回家吃饭 Neighbors dishes share AND U掌柜 30 minutes supermarket ,I don't know does chengdu has HEMA (盒马) ,Alibaba's new supermarket, best technology in the world, you will forget unmanned store

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