Genuine Chinese Foods vs. American Chinese Food

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16 thoughts on “Genuine Chinese Foods vs. American Chinese Food”

  1. The authentic Chinese food does not represent the cooking style for the entire Chinese population in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia nor the overseas Chinese globally. Every region has its own local specialties. Nevertheless, the so called the “authentic Chinese food” is still not widely accepted in North America, especially with the extremely strange eating habits and food choice.

  2. I hate the "flied lice" stereotype. Your average Chinese person and Chinese American can probably count on two hands the number of times they've actually had fried rice. Assuming that all Chinese people eat fried rice is like assuming all Italians eat deep fried table bread.

  3. As an American Chinese, I find that Chinese who claim Americanized Chinese food is not Chinese are condescending and arrogant. To them, I would argue that that any “authentic” Chinese dishes with potato, corn, or tomato are not authentic since those vegetables are native the New World (the Americas). Another example is the various lobster dishes (made with the North Atlantic lobster, the one with claws) found in Chinese restaurants in North America, China, HK, Malaysia, etc. Those dishes are definitely Chinese (Cantonese) even though they are have been created in the last few decades and in America. Even today, new styles of the lobster dishes are popping up (e.g. with cheese sauce). To end, I say try and enjoy the food, whether it is authentic Chinese or not.

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