Guys Behind Wealthy Affiliate

Guys Behind Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson. Kyle and Carson. Kyle and Carson. If you have been in Internet marketing for any length of time, you have likely heard these two names together. As founders and owners of the very popular Wealthy Affiliate as well as other well-known IM products, Kyle and Carson have made a significant impact on the world of online marketing.

Prior to launching Wealthy Affiliate-an online membership-only site with an IM university, tools, active forum, and more-Kyle and Carson provided resources such as the famous Beating AdWords and Inside the List. More recently, they released their fourth product called Who Loves Money.

At first glance of Kyle and Carson's pictures on their Wealthy Affiliate bio page, you may immediately think, "These guys are just kids!" Still, at only 26 years of age, these two friends have gone from broke college students a few years ago to the top of the Internet marketing world. It seems they have proven their worth and that they have plenty of value to contribute to the online business community, regardless of their ages.

The story of Kyle and Carson's success begins when they started their journey into Internet marketing as college students who wanted to find a way to make money while they took classes. Once they began seeing a nice return, they decided they wanted to do what they could to help others to achieve success making money online.

After they received a good response from their first two products, they put their heads together to come up with their third product-a website that would serve as an online university, information center and Internet marketing community all in one. Being known as wealthy affiliates, Kyle and Carson approbably named their new online business Wealthy Affiliate.

While their previous ventures put them on the IM map, Wealthy Affiliate launched in 2005 catapulted them to the top of the list of leaders and experts in the industry. The marketability of Wealthy Affiliate has been significant as it has something for both the IM newbies and the more experienced professionals. What's more, it is nearly impossible to find negative reviews about the site, which absolutely adds to its appeal.

The WA forum is one of the most popular aspects of the site. Here one can read new success story testimonials daily as well as learn from the pros who post on the board answering questions and helping other members solve their business problems. A bonus to the forum is that Kyle and Carson frequent the boards, answering questions and keeping their fingers on the pulse of the community.

In addition to support on the forum, Kyle and Carson offer one-on-one support and business coaching to WA members. Again, even the people who have worked closely with the Wealthy Affiliates, have only positive things to do say about the way they run their business and the type of support they provide.

So while some may seem confused by their youthful appearance and age, Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate have truly proven themselves in the Internet marketing industry. As you search for answers and Wealthy Affiliate reviews, know that the program's founders are the real deal and have provided an important tool through the WA site.