Halal Munchies (EP14) – Ziryab Executive Buffet – Highfield Rd, Birmingham

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16 thoughts on “Halal Munchies (EP14) – Ziryab Executive Buffet – Highfield Rd, Birmingham”

  1. Great effort guys and keep up the good work. Just as constructive piece of critique: you didn't show the curries available, rather you skimmed past that section entirely. Please be more thorough next time with the complete food range! thanks

  2. Been here few times and can definitely say it's the best buffet in Birmingham. The price is actually very good regarding free drinks and food variety. Deserts are hands down the best thing about this place as the huge varieties are delicious and mouth watering to look at. Seating is a slight problem as it is very tight on space and can be a pain with the kids. Car park had always been full so we have had to park on side streets.

    Overall it's a lovely place, well worth the trip for a great evening.

  3. halal is dirty filthy meat, stressed tough shit full of Adrenalin ,widely known but kept quiet.hence chemicals in it to tenderise it..its ok for dogs or zoo animals but not humans, that why Muslims Islamic are barbaric their mental abilities compromised ,its a trait from the meat, if you look at syrian Muslims they eat a lot of it raw, they get a brain disease very much like a plaque but not as fatal.my dogs wont eat it it raw…a prime example of these problems are inbreeding, violence,incest,nasty traits ,lot of sickness in families but worse is the ancer rates have escalated since being in uk. 1 in 2. its never been so high. its the meat ,minced products to you have to be really careful. test the theory ,buy a steak from local butcher and a halal steak from tesco or wherever, there wil lbe watery shit in the halal steak and nothing in butchers.also look at colour of meat, and the wetness of it. up to you …be very carefull

  4. Loving the reviews man, keep them coming, do more cities too. I didn't even know some of these amazing places existed and I live in Birmingham lol

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