Hand Built Afgan Kulfi Ice Product (Sheer-Yakh) Primary Afganistan Road Food at Kabul Grill Residence.

Look at Learn Ice Product maker Abdul as he transforms straightforward milk into delectable silky smooth ice product.

He will make it glance quick but which is because he is been a grasp of his trade considering the fact that a quite younger age.

This time consuming system of manufacturing authentic “House Built Design” Afghani ice product is definitely a labour of really like as the technique you see made use of does not use any variety of machinary……so you know that it definitely is house created.

The recipe for Sheer-Yakh is:
*Boiled/Condensed Milk (hand whipped & frozen)
*Topped with crumbled Pistachio & Almond
*A drizzle of creamy milk
*Optional topping of sweet Sev/Noodles

It’s referred to as (Shir Yakh) in farsi language which suggests cold milk.
There are numerous techniques of spelling Sheer Yahkh, Shir Yakh, Sheeryakh but the taste is usually deliciously the identical. (This is the identical taste as Indian Kulfi ice product).

A particular thank you to Abbas for giving authorization to make this online video.

Here’s a url to their Facebook webpage.

Online video recorded on Friday 31st July 2015 at:
Kabul Grill Residence which is positioned at: 228-230 Station Highway, Edgware, London, HA8 7AU

If you have any thoughts, you can connect with them on: 020 8958 3198


41 thoughts on “Hand Built Afgan Kulfi Ice Product (Sheer-Yakh) Primary Afganistan Road Food at Kabul Grill Residence.”

  1. Aapke Yaha Har cheez bahut acchi hai lekin aap Haathon Mein gloves pehan the to or bhi ache se hota to please Thoda Dhyan de

  2. Yes, it looks yummy, but can you imagine that this man upon using his wrists so much, can damage them and can have permanent carpal tunnel issue? I hope, for his own sake, that this not his only profession.

  3. This is called justice! This is called freedom! This is called we are making our citizens safe!!! Unlike our hellwhole country everything is fake everything we eat is poisoned yet we think we have freedom and we r civil!!! Right! This video proves who's human who's animal like!!!!!

  4. تشكر برادر عزيز بسيار بالزت مالم ميشه خواحش ميكنم ازشما موادكي بمابين شيري يخ مين دازين جي جي است مي بخشين

  5. omg thats my uncles shop they have changed bbq exprese into kubul sheeryack its a realy nice place please come and enjoy

  6. I have been in many places in the world and I have gotta tell you there is no Ice Cream as tasty as this. I have tried it in Afghanistan though and I am not sure if it tastes the same outside Afghanistan. The one thing I usually crave for apart from Afghan Naan is this Sheer Yakh. Good video 🙂

  7. This is the number of the person who is making the sheer yakh if you want to talk about sheer yakh or want to eat then call this number for booking 07872857317 and the address of the shop is
    Kabul grill house
    Station road
    Ha8 7au

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