CONCEALED FOODS: San Francisco Chinatown

Host Wen Liu offers an excursion of Chinatown in San Francisco and also highlights where to obtain some excellent consumes. Quits consisted of are Golden Gateway Pastry shop, Tenren’s Tea, Napoleon Pastry Shop, and also Sea Pearl Dining Establishment.

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36 thoughts on “CONCEALED FOODS: San Francisco Chinatown”

  1. a lot of chinese people come from hong kong they useally live in san francisco chinatown or they resident they I went to the chinatown when I was a little boy my aunty would give the chinese mask and the other mask in her house in the bay I would eat with my family they or vist the golden gate bridge

  2. Is this for real, or was it a prank video done to mock actual reviews of restaurants? You can barely understand the guy doing the talking.

  3. idk how people are complaining about this.. I thought it was simple and enjoyed it. we will be in San Fran on the 9th! love it there and we are definitely going to China Town!

  4. Walk into a Chinatown SF restaurant with your friend and get a fortune cookie after your meal (the standard condiment) to remember the economic experience.

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