Honest Review of "Wealthy Affiliate" From a Non-Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

It is a subscription based community where anyone can learn how to

  • Get visitors to any website
  • Create a blog
  • Get started with SEO, PPC
  • Hosting and “free Websites” (Word Press blogs that are free anyway) are included

Wealthy Affiliate has a zero-tolerance policy against spamming. You are not allowed to promote any affiliate links or similar on the site. If you still do so your writing privileges will be removed.

You can earn money by inviting new members. WA encourages you to stay clear of any spamming techniques.

You are ranked within the community. Your ranking goes up parallel to your contribution. It is not about recruiting the most members.

Helping others (answering their questions), contributing blog posts and asking questions will get your rank up fast.

Membership Features:

  • Possibility to chat, post questions
  • Step by step training guides with videos
  • Live training session every second week


  • This must be the friendliest community I have ever seen
  • Honest information and advice on how to become a blog writer (the site does not imply you can get rich overnight but teaches you that it takes a lot of work and quality content to succeed.)
  • Huge community, your answers (calls for help) will be answered quicklyCon
  • It is easy to get lost inside the community. I have seen many people fail because they lost their focus. Everyone is “soo nice” and many people hang out in chat and forget to concentrate on their business
  • WA does not hire support people. Instead, the members support other members with technical help. At the end of the day, you provide free support for some rich guys. Many people there lose track of their time and spend 6 or more hours chatting and helping others
  • The community is focused on the technical side of having a website. There is not sales training whatsoever.
  • The community has thousands of active members. Probably 80 % of all new members start their first website with “Is WA scam?” “Review of WA”. If your goal is to make money by recruiting other affiliates you better be really innovative to have any chance of ranking
  • I never used WordPress (I use Google blogger). It seemed to me that the people who do (at least via the WA front end) had a lot of technical problems.
  • All of the WA sites (they are hosted on siterubix) load slow. At least on Chrome.​


WA offers a free trial membership. You have 7 days to use limited features of the site and find out if you like it there.

The first month costs only USD 19. Each month after that USD 47. Discount for the yearly subscription.


I recommend this site. The key is to use it to your advantage. I was a member for 2 months and that is the time span I recommend to you.

For under 70 USD, you will find no better training.

If you make sure that you do not get lost in the feel well atmosphere this site is gold.

Find the right balance between helping others and being committed to your own goals. The ranking inside the community is not important. The top 25 ranking people achieve Ambassador status. There are nebulous announcements of “rewards along the line” but you will not get paid for helping others.

The owners of the site, Carlson and Kyle, talk a lot about “paying forward”. What that really means is that you pay your membership fee and provide unpaid support to others. Do not do that.

You will find all the knowledge you need to start a successful online business and you learn how to get visitors to any site.


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