Hong Kong Road Food. A Walk the Stalls as well as Dining Establishments of Kowloon

This is a routine of what you will certainly see:.

00: 00 Holy place road, Beef, Seafoot, Big Squids.
02: 28 Lunch Boxes planned for pupils.
06: 21 Soup delay in Holy place Road.
07: 06 Dim Amount in the Road.

08: 18 Hong Kong Road Food. Making Dumplings with Shrimps Filling Up. Seen in Mong Kok.
This coincides male that shows up in an additional video clip of my network.

Nonetheless the originel viddeo documents are NOT the exact same. They were performed with various video cameras as well as at various times.

12: 24 extra lunch bozes with rice.
14: 31 Slicing the hen in the kitchen area.
17: 05 Junk Food Hong Kong Design in Mong Kok.
18: 27 the octopus treat store of Mong Kok.
19: 35 Oriental treat in Mong Kok.
20: 27 the Hot Pot.

25: 09 Tsim Sha Tsui nighttime. Fish rounds, Tempura, Meat as well as Pork soup as well as even more.

31: 54 Chinese conventional clinical tea.
32: 31 Food preparation the dark amount.
33: 28 the bakeshop.
34: 30 pork soup seen EXTREMELY close.
34: 42 preparing Japanese Takoyaki.
37: 56 pressing sugarcane for juice.
38: 12 seasoned eggs as well as Chinese clinical tea.
38: 46 smoked sausages.
39: 10 the road bakeshop.
39: 28 conventional sugary foods.
39: 44 sugary foods potatoes, eggs, quali eggs, as well as chestnuts baked.
40: 14 extra Chinese clinical tea.
42: 40 conventional junk food in Yau Ma Tei.
44: 18 chinese noodles as well as soup.
45: 54 slicing hen as well as pork in Yau Ma Tei.
47: 05 the dark amount delay.
48: 18 ALIVE fish and shellfish delay.
48: 24 sugarcane capture for juice.
49: 15 copping baked hen.
50: 25 fried hen lunch box.
52: 51 fried dumplings.


39 thoughts on “Hong Kong Road Food. A Walk the Stalls as well as Dining Establishments of Kowloon”

  1. So many great food…i'm only visit HK once…i tried their famous scrambled egg from adc (creamy and savory), yat lok goose (very umami goose skin)…and i regret because i dont try their street food…i need to visit HK again after this pandemic really over.

  2. They could not get a job in an American restaurant. Cutting meat and veg on the same surface. Using bare hands as spoons. Wiping hands on filthy aprons and scratching their necks and hair. Just because the food is fresh does not make it safe.

  3. Hey Oregon, look at all the plastic bags. Maybe I'll import some from Hong Kong. They're no problem there. Out law disposable diapers, they're single use plastic bags!

  4. I don't speak HongKonger but know these foods : Pork : Pig Intestine, Stomach, Ears. Feet, Fish 
    (looklike Salwater fishes):   Pig feets  mixed with noodles …  Meat balls and potatoes, Stuffed pancake (eat with soy sauce),  Roasted Duck (Dark Brown), Roasted Chicken ( Yellow),
    Roasted Pig…. Served with some vegetable and soy sauce, Fried Octapus… Oh la la, lot of other stuff (God know what ). But all look cool to me., Yum yum.   Thank you for the video of varieties of HongKong street food.

  5. You just can’t beat the Chinese hen it comes to cheap good tasting food! They’ve Been doing this since the last 5,000 years since their very first Dynasty.

  6. Hong Kong self celebration festival "city on fire /song" celebrate daily protest happening . stay away and Come another date. Latest Starbark menu “pepper spray latte” and “tear gas macchiato,” another new blue dye coffee only in Hong Kong

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