How to be a Chinese Tourist – 101 East

From location fire to curtains within an aeroplane cabin and hurling scalding noodles over a flight attendant to urinating in public places, Chinese holidaymakers have attained a bad track record.
1 in 10 travellers entire world-wide is from China.
Outdoors of Asia, their place of decision is France.
Inspite of complaints from locals, officers in Paris want to double the number of Chinese guests to 5 million a year.
101 East asks what it will choose to turn the plane loads of first-time travellers from China into properly behaved sightseers.

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46 thoughts on “How to be a Chinese Tourist – 101 East”

  1. this is what you get, when you let the migrants in, the white people do not come anymore, so you need to take the china people in. now the "whites" will never come back.

  2. "Yesterday I told you about democracy" Wow. I'm not trying to hate on them because I admire China a lot but you can tell by that statement that Chinese are really controlled over what they are allowed to learn. Even learning about democracy is considered a threat. I'm not surprised they know so little of the ways of other countries if they don't even know such a basic concept as democracy.

  3. There's an old Indonesian proverb that says "Where the land is stepped, there the sky is upheld" which mean that how to respect wherever we are becouse Every community has its own unique traditions that have to be followed by members of that community.

  4. are chinese really that stupid that you have to teach them good manners when in a foreign land? chinese should be banned from entering other countries. dear aliens from another planet, please do something about these chinese people.

  5. As an Asian I just stare at random Chinese tourist groups when we’re on vacation, like “Please don’t eat that waffle with your chopsticks”.

  6. chinese? vietnamese? japanese? get off ur high horse, u know it doesn't matter where they come from, as long as they bring in e moolah!

  7. Taiwan is so sexy and hot I want to say cool but like in an easy going love to be with kind of kool! Thailand is so serious and like all of them in one sad and funny!

  8. Some Chinese tourists are just pure trash human beings but most just needs to be educated on how to behave and learn to be respectful of the culture of the country they are visiting

  9. I was unfamiliar with the idea that there is such a thing as Chinese rednecks. Until I moved to a new neighbourhood in Toronto. There were 2 little corner stores at the end of the street, both run by different Chinese families. The smaller one was run by a woman and her daughter — both very nice and helpful. But the larger one had more products so I was often forced to go there. And I mean forced. That family consisted of a dad in his sweaty stained undershirt, mom with way too much makeup and fake nails like claws, and the two kids spoiled brats who were on their phones all the time, refused to help their parents keep up the store, and rolled their eyes whenever they were forced to serve customers — which led to the young school-age daughter and her dad getting into a screaming match while I stood awkwardly across the counter waiting for them to hand me my milk and vegetables.
    But I guess I shouldn't be surprised — hicks are universal.

  10. I'm Chinese and I visit foreign countries, but I do proper research before-hand. Simple research like what is the country's primary language, etiquette, and norms. Deviants are absolutely intolerable as tourists… but they give us money, so oh well.

  11. Its not about culture, the people that cause problems would cause problems in their own country also, I learned to speak Chinese over 10 years ago and know the people well, they have some of the best people but also some of the worst. A lot of these rich Chinese tourists came from farming backgrounds were there are no rules, I would say get a sign with rules such as "no spitting" printed out and hung on the pub wall. Also the Chinese version of tourism is just get the picture of the famous landmark and move on, so no time to take in the atmosphere of anywhere, just get the picture.

  12. The Mainland Chinese are giving Chinese all around the world a bad reputation. I never felt so much pride in saying that I'm a Malaysian Chinese until I was discriminated in Australia and the UK. Before that, some of the locals assumed that I'm from China and refused to speak to me until I spoke in fluent English and told them I'm Malaysian. I don't really have anything against Mainlanders, but I really do wish that they'll be more open minded and more well mannered… but I guess that's the government's fault for making them cut off from the rest of the world.

  13. you people stupid, when I grew up I was standing outside public parks charging chinese turist money… to get inside a public park 😀 😀 😀

  14. I've encountered Chinese tour groups in Italy,Japan, Taiwan,Bali, Cambodia and I don't have anything nice to say about them as a whole. I just avoid them as much as possible when visiting tourist sites. Many a times, I've seen them not pay the entrance fee in Japanese temples in Kyoto even though  they have money to travel and carrying expensive camera gears. They cut in line in groups, bumped into me while sightseeing, loud on the ground and on the plane, but act like they're the victims when you call them  out for what they did wrong.  Many seems to think that with them having money, they can do anything they like in the places they visit. I've seen them in Male Airport in Maldives during my vacations there, but thank god the resorts I visited don't cater much to Chinese groups. The Chinese tourists I saw in the Maldives don't stay that long on the island resort, 3 nights at the most. They run around taking pictures around the island, next thing you know, they're gone.

  15. Sub human is not the right term for Chinese, they are like locusts or rats. They encroach, invade, eat, destroy…everything wherever they set foot upon.

  16. Due to communism, chinese; poor or rich are barbarians. Just like the koreans but koreans are barbarians due to in-breeding. I have to laugh but for communist chinese it just shows how education is important to all of us.

  17. How Ironic, the Chinese tourists pay a high price for products manufactured at rock bottom costs in their own country by their own people. These products are manufactured by the millions and they can perhaps get a hold of this product directly. Instead, they travel thousands of miles, costing them their hard earned cash to pay top price for what they themselves manufactured.

  18. This seems like a stressful vacation. No relaxing and you get stuffed in crowded department stores to spend half of the money for the vacation on goods to go back home with.

  19. I absolutely hate Chinese tourists. That is a broad claim, but haven't ever found ANY of them to be polite or respectful of myself and others. They are truly the the scum of the earth. They ruin any experience you're trying to appreciate or take in.

  20. Last time I was in Yellowstone it was the same. Very chaotic. 20 years prior it was only small groups and very serene. Part of me understands that it may very well be the only time they ever get to visit these places. But another part, the part that knows I may never visit the places I have been lucky enough to visit again either, that part knows how I should act and interact with those giving me a chance to visit their home.

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