How to Contact Dragon Spirits

Dragon spirits both significant and smaller are fierce spirits, unquestionably, but their ferocity is tempered by their wisdom. Knowledge has taught the dragons not to instantly respond with violence but to 1st think and contemplate their possibilities, a good quality quite a few of we humans have however to discover.

Dragons are in fact sensible, sort, thinkers most of the time. They are extremely conscious of their own ability and energy. They demand regard and have to be treated with good manners or the dragons won’t have something to do with you.

You can contact the dragons and check with for their assistance and wisdom, but you should not expect their instant arrangement. You will be refused if the dragons imagine you are not spiritually or energetically ready for their assistance and potent energies. Recall dragons are not angels. They won’t waste their time on someone who just isn’t ready.

To make 1st contact go out into a normal spot exactly where it is tranquil and you are on your own. Tranquil your brain and heart your strength. Then basically check with by stating something like, “I respectfully check with for assistance from the dragon spirits. I wish to discover your wisdom and use it to improved my everyday living and to aid others.”

Really don’t expect the sky to darken as the mighty beast swoops past the sunshine. This just isn’t a Hollywood movie. If the dragons agree to get the job done with you, and they will only if they imagine you demonstrate promise and have been respectful towards them, they will then flood your strength discipline with their powerful stormy strength. You might glimpse a dragon psychically or even with your actual physical eyes. You might not see the dragon but you might sense its enormous presence looming in excess of you. You might really feel the earth shake psychically or even physically. The experience of meeting your 1st dragon is different for each individual individual as it is dependent on the energy of your intuitive techniques and spiritual readiness.

Working with crystals when generating contact can aid clean the process. I have been informed by Earos, the green dragon of Lifestyle Pressure, that the use of crimson amber and/or fire agate is appreciated. Test carrying these crystals on you. Making a smaller grid out of these crystals when you are in the normal spot is also a good strategy. The grid would not have to be complicated. But it shows the dragons you are severe.

Often the dragons will be the ones that make 1st contact if they wish to get the job done with a distinct individual. This is how it took place for me. I was walking by a smaller wooded spot when quickly a massive emerald green dragon hovered in the air before me with its muscular system coiled. I saw the dragon psychically but its potent presence stuffed the woods and appeared to silence the birds. I wasn’t frightened as I sensed the dragon’s vast tranquil intelligence and it wasn’t my 1st otherworldly meeting. The dragons have been spiritual guides of mine ever given that that fateful working day and I am thankful for their wisdom.

Following you have produced contact, respectfully check with the dragon’s identify and what its intent is. Is it the dragon of expertise? Of abundance? Of delivery? Reveal that you wish to discover from the dragon’s wisdom and wish to channel its healing energies in get that you might aid others. Pay attention to the dragon’s response. The dragon might right away get started the strength attunement process or it might wait around right up until it considers you ready. You have to be patient. Time, ability, and sheer sizing are on the dragon’s side.

Let us say you have been attuned to dragon strength. What can you expect now?

Dragon strength can be employed to aid heal psychological, mental, spiritual, or actual physical concerns. The strength looks like thick colored light when viewed with the mind’s eye. Say you have a terribly bruised muscle mass. You would use the combined forces of green and gold light strength at the exact same time adopted by blue light strength to soothe. But what if you have, say, a past everyday living issue in have to have of healing? Then you could use pink, yellow, and white light energies twined together adopted by blue-gold strength to seal the area in your strength discipline exactly where the issue was rooted. You could then adhere to up with protective black strength to avoid the issue from using root all over again.

How would you know which colored energies to use, however? Perfectly, the moment you are attuned to dragon strength you will know intuitively which energies to use for each individual issue though also receiving assistance from the dragons. To start with you confront the issue. You then check with the dragons for assistance and then listen intuitively. Abruptly you will basically know which light energies to use and will see the energies in your mind’s eye.

The energies will flood strongly by your palms into the individual getting healed. Your position is to retain a crystal clear channel right up until the energies stop to flow by you. Dragon strength is not gentle Reiki. It will knock you on your ass if you are not ready for it.

You will be able to monitor the development of the healing though the energies are getting channeled by you. You will also be able to target the energies on distinct details you are guided to. All of this occurs intuitively. Really don’t be astonished if you listen to issues like the hurry of mighty wings by the air or really feel the enormous presence of the dragons with you.

When the healing is total, and you will know by the strength subsiding, be absolutely sure to thank the dragons for their aid and wish them well.

This write-up is an introduction to calling and operating with dragon strength. I will shortly generate even more content articles on the use of dragon strength for healing reasons so maintain an eye out for them! In the meantime, break out your crimson amber or fire agate and get ready to journey into the impressive entire world of the dragons.

Resource by Jenny Harker

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